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Cold Play

We’re back from Toy Fair and rested. Now if only they would coordinate Toy Fair with school vacation week. Instead, we take the kids out of school for a week, and then get back home only to have them out of school for another week. It doesn’t help matters that the entire city of Boston is covered in ice. There’s a field across the street from our house, and we were flabbergasted to see a credible game of ice hockey taking place over the weekend. Not on a pond, but on a frozen field, complete with skates.

Carrying on the chilly theme, today we took the girls to see Disney On Ice – Princess Wishes, a blatantly commercial but charming production that is running through February 25th at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston. It was an eye-popping treat for the kids, and we had fun, too. The costumes and special effects were pure Disney, and they served up a boiled down version of each of the Princess fairy tales, complete with mostly impressive skating and a soundtrack that offered capably sang renditions of all the greatest hits. The performers were clearly lip-synching, but the kids didn’t care. When Maleficent, the all-time scariest Disney villain from Sleeping Beauty, turned into a dragon, spitting rings of fire that burned across the ice, I thought my kids would lose it, but they were simply awestruck.

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