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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Building excitement: new LEGO sets are on the way!

Building excitement: new LEGO sets are on the way!

Any minute now, some of the coolest LEGO sets released this year will be hitting the shelves of Magic Beans stores (and our website). Here are some of the highlights.

LEGO_duplo_10544LEGO DUPLO The Joker Challenge #10544

One of the neatest sets I saw at Toy Fair back in February was the new LEGO DC DUPLO line, which brings some classic super heroes to LEGO DUPLO! The brightly colored bricks look great, and the inclusion of Batman, the Joker and a Batmobile make it an irresistible toy for little Bat-fans.

LEGO_Juniors_10676LEGO Juniors Knights’ Castle #10676

The LEGO Juniors line is designed to bridge the gap between DUPLO and LEGO, and does it very well. It uses LEGO-style bricks but they’re larger and there are fewer of them, allowing younger kids to build big without the frustration. The Knights’ Castle is genuinely impressive, and includes multiple figures, including a knight, a king, a spooky skeleton, and a horse.

And there’s even more imaginative fun to be had: this set includes an assortment of extra bricks which encourage free-form building. Plus the whole set comes in a large red tote shaped like a LEGO brick (and if you have a few of the Juniors sets, they stack!).

LEGO_friends_41033LEGO Friends Jungle Falls Rescue #41033

The LEGO Friends are leaving Heartlake City and going on a new adventure! Taking a page from the adorable Friends Animal line, these sets take place in the jungle. Olivia’s set includes a stunning waterfall and Cliffside Café, plus some new friends like a tiger cub and a chameleon. It’s a great change of setting for the line!

LEGO_City_60034LEGO City Arctic Helicrane #60034

While it’s still summer here, LEGO City is cooling down with the new Arctic sub line. These researchers are heading out on an icy expedition with snowmobiles, dogsleds and more. Kids love moving parts in LEGO sets, so they’ll get a kick out of the working winch!

LEGO_Chima_70145LEGO Legends of Chima Maula’s Ice Mammoth Stomper #70145

When I first saw this set in person, my jaw dropped. The mammoth itself is truly massive, over a foot long. The mammoth holds a secret too – its shoulders hide a giant flying vehicle!

Add in the incredible visuals of the translucent blue pieces, and this looks unlike any other LEGO set. With six figures, including the new additions of elephants, saber tooth tigers, and vultures to the Chima world, this is a set that is going to make Chima fans very happy.

LEGO_Movie_70816The LEGO Movie Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! #70816

More sets are coming out from the incredible LEGO Movie, and they are… awesome. (Sorry, now you’ll be humming “Everything is Awesome” for the rest of the day).

This massive spaceship is a nostalgia bomb for anyone who grew up with Classic LEGO Space. It includes Emmet (in his robo disguise), Wyldstyle, Uni-Kitty, and Benny the Blue Spaceman (along with an Octan Robo Police), but the real fun of this set is the simple fact that it is a massive bright blue spaceship! And I mean massive: it’s over 20 inches front to tail and has a 16 inch wingspan! Plus, getting this set is the only way to get a Benny minifigure.

LEGO_Collectible_Minifigures_71007LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 12 #71007

Finally, there’s a new series of Collectible Minifigures coming out this fall! With 16 new figures, LEGO has made some fantastic choices that will delight both new and seasoned collectors, including a new wizard, a guy in a pig suit, a pizza delivery man, an old timey gold prospector, and more!

This set also includes some new LEGO technology: multicolored pieces! LEGO recently has been able to make parts in more than one color and is using it on some of these figures, so they can have short sleeves. (Maybe that doesn’t mean much to a non-collector, but I’m excited!)

We also have new Guardians of the Galaxy sets, new Creator sets, and more! Come visit Magic Beans to see our selection, or shop online – and if you have any LEGO questions, just ask away in the comments.

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