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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Bugaboo Fox3 Stroller | Ratings | Reviews | Prices

Bugaboo Fox3 Stroller | Ratings | Reviews | Prices

   The baby gear world is buzzing with excitement surrounding the launch of the brand new Bugaboo Fox3 stroller! Whether you’re just starting your research on strollers for your first baby, a seasoned parent getting back into the stroller game as your family expands, or just a stroller aficionado (just like us!), you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. It may be confusing sifting through all of the information out there on the internet, but don’t worry! We’ve compiled all the information you’ll need about the new Bugaboo Fox3 right here for you.

Baby in Bugaboo Fox3 BassinetMesh panel of Bugaboo Fox3 Bassinet

Comfort is King

   Bugaboo has spent over 20 years innovating strollers, and each of their strollers is designed to cater to a different need. While the Bugaboo Bee6 is designed to be compact and the Bugaboo Lynx is intended to be a lightweight full size stroller, the Bugaboo Fox3 pulls out all the stops in the comfort category. The stroller comes with an overnight sleep safe bassinet (when used with the Bugaboo Stand) so you can start strolling with your newborn as soon as you’re ready. The bassinet mattress features an advanced breathable high performance 3D mesh layer that helps regulate your little one’s body temperature while providing plenty of cushioning and support. The mattress cover is made from ultra soft fabric that is gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin and cozy enough to sleep on all night! New to the Bugaboo Fox3, the bassinet can be made ultra-breezy in just one second to improve air circulation and keep your baby comfortable on hot summer days and the closed bassinet protects your baby from the elements during the colder months.

   When your baby is starting to roll over or push themselves up on their hands and knees, they are ready to graduate to the stroller’s toddler seat! The toddler seat uses the same aluminum frame as the bassinet, so when you make the switch you only have to store away the bassinet fabrics instead of the whole bassinet which saves space. Buckle your little one into the seat using the easy quick-click buckle and easily adjustable padded harness to keep them securely in the toddler seat. The seat can be turned to face either you or the world, so whether your baby wants bonding time with you or wants to engage with the world they have the option. When they start to get tired and need a nap, you can recline the seat for them with just one hand in either position. 

   The Bugaboo Fox3 now has innovative high performance soft touch fabrics that provide your little one with extra cushioning while giving you the added benefits of durability and protection. You can stroll worry-free knowing that even though the stroller fabrics are nice and soft, they are also water resistant (read spill resistant!) and machine washable so your stroller can stay looking brand new for longer! 

   Be prepared for hot summer strolls with your baby! The Bugaboo Fox3 features an extendable sun canopy with a large mesh peekaboo window that combines full coverage UPF 50+ sun protection and breezy seat ventilation. It provides plenty of shade for napping on the go. The generous water resistant canopy also comes in handy when you get caught out in a rain shower without the plastic rain cover that comes with the stroller! 

   All of these comfort features for your baby are great, but don’t think that your comfort as a parent is overlooked with the Bugaboo Fox3! This stroller has a telescopic height adjustable handlebar that allows you to adjust to the perfect height for any parent or caregiver pushing the stroller while eliminating the hazard of taller folks tripping on or kicking the chassis as they walk behind the stroller. Parent touch points like the handlebar and carry handle/belly bar feature luxurious leatherette covers that cushion your grip while adding a high end look to the stroller. The brake is flip-flop friendly, meaning that you don’t have to push the pedal up with the top of your foot to unlock it! Trust us, your feet will thank you later. The Bugaboo Fox3 can be folded up in just one piece so you don’t have to detach the bassinet or seat as an extra step before folding, and when folded it stands up on its own for easier and cleaner storage. If you’re looking to make your stroller perfect for parents, be sure to check out accessories like the Bugaboo Cup Holder+, Bugaboo Stroller Smartphone Holder, and Bugaboo Stroller Organizer!

Couple at the beach with Bugaboo Fox3

All-Terrain Friendly

   The Bugaboo Fox3 has been engineered to give you the best push possible, no matter where you’re strolling. Its wheels are made from puncture proof rubber and filled with impact absorbing foam that helps cushion your ride. The larger wheel size allows you to easily glide over cracked sidewalks while an advanced center-joint suspension system works in tandem with four wheel suspension to give you a smooth ride even over rougher terrain. Whether you’re at the park, on the trails, or walking the cobblestone streets in the city, the Bugaboo Fox3 will keep up with you and push like a dream. 

Folded Bugaboo Fox3

Strong and Lightweight

   You want your stroller to be reliable and long-lasting, but durable materials can really weigh you down. The Bugaboo Fox3 chassis is made from strong and sturdy high grade aerospace aluminum that can withstand years of everyday use while still being lightweight and portable. Even though the Bugaboo Fox3 chassis only weighs 21.8 pounds, it can carry over three times its own weight! The stroller can hold your child from newborn up to 50 pounds and it also has a large accessible under seat storage basket that can hold an additional 22 pounds of cargo for a combined load of 72 pounds! 

   Strollers most often fail at plastic connection points or cheaply made and mass-produced mechanisms. Bugaboo wants to ensure your stroller doesn’t share that weakness, so the Bugaboo Fox3 has been meticulously designed and tested to last. Its plastic pieces are made from higher quality stronger plastics and each piece is customized specifically for Bugaboo to their high standard so you know that no matter how much you open and close it, it won’t wear down and break. Not only is the stroller’s aerospace aluminum able to hold up against everything life throws at it, it’s plastics can also stand the test of time! 

Bugaboo Fox3 Stroller wheel

Unparalleled Push

   The Bugaboo Fox3’s unique chassis design has been rigorously tested to provide you with the lightest push on the market! Its innovative design makes it feel like you’re never pushing a fully loaded stroller. Frictionless 360° swiveling front wheels allow you to navigate the stroller through tight spaces - even with one hand! This is perfect for maneuvering through store aisles or on busy city sidewalks. Pushing the Bugaboo Fox3 is so easy you’ll think it comes with power steering. 

Woman with baby in Bugaboo Fox3

Newborn Compatible

   Right when you unbox the Bugaboo Fox3, it is ready to use with your newborn! You have the option to either lay your new baby in the bassinet for strolls around the block or day trips out, or click your baby’s infant car seat right onto the stroller with the included Maxi Cosi adapters. It is compatible with the Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna and Bugaboo Turtle One by Nuna, as well as several other top infant car seats, so you can customize your travel system to your needs! 

Bugaboo Fox3 Color Wheel

Fully Customizable

   Now that we’ve established why the Bugaboo Fox3 rules the single stroller category for its comfort features, convenience, and superior push, let’s talk style! You can completely customize the Bugaboo Fox3 to express your style, whether you like vibrant jewel tones or more muted neutrals! With an updated palette of on-trend colors, you can make your stroller unique to you by customizing the chassis color, seat and bassinet fabric color, and canopy color. Check out the Bugaboo Fox3 Styled by You to find your perfect combo!

   The Bugaboo Fox3 also comes in one-box configurations of Bugaboo’s most popular color combinations if you prefer the tried and true! The Bugaboo Fox3 Complete comes partially pre-assembled so you can spend less time assembling and more time strolling. Don’t worry, you can always customize your stroller later if you want to; canopies and fabric sets are available separately if you change your mind later on.

Single Stroller Buying Guide

    Need help choosing the perfect stroller for your family? Reach out to us anytime via email at We’re always happy to talk shop! You can also contact our Baby Gear Gurus via phone (866-600-BEAN) during business hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST), by utilizing the Product Expert Chat on our website, or by scheduling a virtual consultation. Finally, get all the advice you need by visiting our YouTube channel

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