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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
BOB Stroller Review 2018 | Revolution Flex Single & Duallie, Rambler

BOB Stroller Review 2018 | Revolution Flex Single & Duallie, Rambler

BOB Stroller Review 2018!

BOB is THE name in jogging strollers! While Bob is a more traditional name, this stroller is nowhere close to boring. BOB is actually an acronym standing for Beast of Burden. This stroller was made to handle anything you can throw at it, whether it be hiking or high speed running. They were the first innovator in the jogging market and have continued to stand the test of time due to their incredible suspension. We’re proud to currently carry the BOB Revolution Flex Single Stroller, BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller, and the BOB Rambler Stroller.

When Britax acquired BOB, it meant that all of the complaints about its user-unfriendliness would be addressed, and they’ve done that tenfold. BOB strollers are now a testament to what strollers can be. Not everyone will need to hike with kiddo or do a full marathon with a stroller ahead of them, but now you truly can. BOB strollers are great for everyday too, because they know that you may only need it for those purposes a few times a year, and what it offers you on the day-to-day is its silky smooth ride. This stroller has an unrivaled push and glides over cracks, bumps, and train tracks like it’s walking on air.

As it glides over the pavement, your BOB gives you a couple of great options to allow you to use it as your primary stroller. They have adapters for Chicco, Britax, and Peg Perego infant car seats to accommodate a newborn. And once they’re past that stage, kiddo can move into the stroller seat that holds up to an astounding 75lbs. The weight limit comes with 2-setting adjustable suspension to give a tighter bounce once the BOB is carrying over 40lbs.

BOB also made tons of improvements that enhance its everyday usability. One of the frequent complaints about jogging strollers is that their seats don’t sit fully upright. Kids love being upright once they’re around a year to 18 months, and being able to look out the sides as well as forward is always a plus for their adventurous spirits. They in turn lengthened the canopy to offer extended protection from both wind and sun, and deepened their basket to allow you to fit all your essentials in your stroller.

Whether you’re looking for a main stroller or a jogging stroller (or both), BOB strollers will fit the bill. Its super compact, incredibly durable, and can handle all the stress you want to put it under. Give it a shot at our Drool Baby Expo on April 18th! Or if you can stop by one of our stores, you can always take one on a test drive (or test jog) on the streets of Boston.

Mike is a Gear Guru at both our Boston and Brookline locations!

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