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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Baby Jogger City Select Lux vs UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2017 (comparison | reviews | ratings | prices)

Baby Jogger City Select Lux vs UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2017 (comparison | reviews | ratings | prices)

Baby Jogger City Select Lux 2017

Navigating the world with multiple little ones can be a tall order. Whether you’re shopping because of your first set of twins or your second child on the way, the UPPAbaby Vista and the Baby Jogger City Select Lux are compared often on the market. Both gorgeous single-to-double strollers, the decision lies in what best fits your needs! Both brands have upped the ante this year, and we’re excited to make these new models available to you.

When talking stroller size, it’s all about taking a closer look at your life. The Baby Jogger City Select Lux is longer than the UPPAbaby Vista by four inches. But this certainly can be advantageous for you. With this longer size, both babies can be seated comfortably towards each other and have tons of face time! However, one size doesn’t fit all. It does make wider turns, and if you’re navigating more compact spaces in your day-to-day adventures, this is a feature to take into account. One feature of the City Select Lux that helps save space is its compact fold. So if your size concern is more geared towards your storage of the stroller, the City Select Lux is pretty impressive! However, the UPPAbaby Vista can stand when folded (with one seat removed) and the City Select Lux can’t. Take a closer look at where you’ll be storing these at the end of the day and if this feature is important to you!  

UPPAbaby Vista 2017

What’s new to the Baby Jogger City Select Lux is the deceleration brake. Given that it’s a heavy stroller, the Lux’s break will give you more control when going downhill. The City Select Lux’s break is placed beside the handlebar, while the UPPAbaby Vista’s is controlled by your feet. A new potential accessory for the City Select Lux is the clever new jump seat! As your older child gets bigger, they can ride along by sitting facing you or standing facing the back of the stroller while holding onto the sides.

In terms of look, the UPPAbaby Vista 2017 has made some beautiful updates. It boasts a real leather handle and belly bar with hand stitching alongside it. A gorgeous addition, the leather used is REACH certified for environmentally conscious tanning. The fabric options represent the muted color look that’s really on trend this year. Their redesigned polyurethane wheels make for a higher quality ride and an inch narrower of a stroller compared to last year.

You might be wondering what makes the Vista pricier than the City Select Lux. A contributing factor is certainly UPPAbaby including a bassinet. The bassinet you get with the Vista is also overnight sleep certified! So, you’ll be able to use it out and about in the first few months as well as for bedtime.

Travelling with twins? The Baby Jogger City Select Lux’s seats are identical in size at 18 inches, and the UPPAbaby Vista’s vary. The Vista’s primary seat is just under 20 inches, while the rumble seat is at 17. If your kiddos aren’t twins, you might want one seat to be larger than the other. The UPPAbaby Vista’s seat height is higher due to their attachable upper adapters when converting your stroller. Above all, both single-to-double strollers have a convenient car seat adapter and also share a wheel size.

Need some visuals? We’ve compared these two models on our YouTube channel! In this video, Magic Beans co-owner Eli Gurock outlines the Baby Jogger City Select Lux and the UPPAbaby Vista 2017 side-by-side.

But, of course, the best visual of all is a test drive at your nearest Magic Beans location. You tell us about your lifestyle and our gear gurus will work their magic. If you’re too far of a hike away, not to worry! Schedule a free consultation via phone, chat, or even video chat!

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