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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Baby Carrier Faceoff! The NEW Ergobaby 360 vs. the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Baby Carrier Faceoff! The NEW Ergobaby 360 vs. the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

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If you’ve ever been brave enough to enter a baby megastore, you’ve already figured out that there are thousands upon thousands of doodads, doohickeys, thingamabobs, whatsits, contraptions, and gizmos available for the care and feeding of your child. With all that dizzying variety, how on earth do you narrow it down to the precise products that you need?

This is why our store selection is winnowed down to only the products that we believe are the best, and our store associates are here to help you compare similar products to ensure that you love the baby products that you buy. After all, a baby carrier that isn’t comfortable, or doesn’t fit your body just right, or doesn’t put your baby in positions that he prefers, will really mess up your day. Trust us on that one.

Accordingly, I asked our store managers and senior staff to give me the skinny on two of our favorite baby carriers: how does the brand-new Ergobaby 360 Carrier stack up against the classic Beco Gemini Carrier? Both of these carriers have the unique ability to hold your baby facing outward in a position that’s comfortable and healthy for both you and your child, which makes them automatic competitors. Keep reading and find out which one is best for you!



Beco Baby Gemini Baby Carrier $129.99

  • Use from: 7-35 pounds; suitable from birth without insert
  • Fabric: Cotton and polyester; OEKO 100 Textile Standard, GOTS Organic Textile Standard
  • Positions: Four positions: front-in, front-out, back, hip
  • Fits parent sizes: 27” – 59” waist
  • Styles at Black, Gray, Jake (black and floral), Stella (black, blue, and floral)

Ergobaby 360 Four Position Baby Carrier $159.99

  • Use from: 7-35 pounds; suitable from birth with infant insert
  • Fabric: 100% cotton canvas shell, 100% cotton poplin lining
  • Positions: Four positions: front-in, front-out, back, hip
  • Fits parent sizes: 26” – 55” waist
  • Styles at Gray, Black/Camel


Both the Ergo 360 and the Beco Gemini are soft-structured carriers that do a great job providing a comfy ride for little guys and gals who really want to see their surroundings, and thus are more comfortable in a front-facing carry. The trick to doing this comfortably is a wide seat that positions the baby for healthy, ergonomic comfort: as you can see in our video, the Ergo 360 achieves this with a deep bucket seat that baby sinks into just a little, so her bum and legs are supported properly. The Gemini also adjusts the base with snaps to position baby correctly when she’s facing outwards.


Our Head Buyer, Jill Hegstad, demos the Ergo 360 with her lovely assistant, her daughter Reese:

Our friends Pam and Melisa at Project Nursery introduce the Beco Gemini and Soleil:


Meghan Monroe, Senior Staff, Magic Beans Boston (at the Prudential Mall):

Meghan w carrier

The new Ergobaby 360 is AMAZING! This carrier, when set up to carry forward-facing, has a thick padding that allows the child to be in a sitting position, rather than dangling by their crotch. It also has really nice thick Velcro belt that almost reminds me of a moving belt.

A more petite mom may not like how thick the straps are; that’s why I always recommend trying on a bunch of different carriers before making a decision on which one you like, because every body is different, and each carrier will suit a person differently! The Beco is great, but the straps are similar to a backpack adjustment strap, and it tends to dig into my side/armpit. BUT it is really easy to switch from forward facing to inward facing and use, and there is a lot less fabric with this carrier, so more petite parents tend to be fond of Gemini because of that.

Chelsea Abbott, Senior Staff, Magic Beans Brookline:

The Ergo 360 still needs an infant insert (the Beco doesn’t), and the carrier has more fabric than the original Ergo or the Beco. So the Ergo 360 may not be ideal for summer babies – too hot! I’m a fan of the Beco – it just all-around seems easier to use.


Ultimately, as with so many of our products, the best carrier for you depends on your individual needs: these two baby carriers work best in different seasons and different climates, and suit parents of different sizes. We hope this comparison guide is helpful, but if you’re still not sure: the best way to select your baby carrier is to come into our stores and try it on. Visit your local Magic Beans in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Norwell, or Wellesley, or, if you’re farther afield, visit us in Fairfield, Connecticut!



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