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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Arts & Crafts At Magic Beans: Not Just For Kids!

Arts & Crafts At Magic Beans: Not Just For Kids!

arts & crafts kits for grownups

Though Magic Beans is primarily for the little beans, getting creative is loads of fun for grownups too! The arts & crafts kits in this roundup would be amazing additions and/or gifts for showers, weddings, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and so much more.

My first selection for big kids to enjoy is the Melissa and Doug Design Your Own Bracelets Kit. In this arts & crafts kit, you get four reversible bracelets and endless stickers and jewels, which means endless possibilities. This could make for a great accessory at any bachelorette/bachelor party to let everyone know YOU’RE WITH THE BRIDE (of course grooms can get in on this too)! Try bringing them out as an activity for the wedding shower. These craft kits retail for $5.99, so I would suggest picking up about four packs and letting your imagination run wild!

Next up, we have the Creativity For Kids Mini Tea Set. This set is great because you can easily wipe off the colors and start over if you make a mistake, up until you set the colors – to finish each piece, let the paints dry for 24 hours, then bake on a cookie sheet.

Though it cannot be used in real life with real tea, it would make a very special and sentimental souvenir for a baby shower or wedding shower – since there are 17 pieces, there are tons to go around. Have fun creating unique designs for your loved ones, add a teeny teddy bear, and fill the cup with candy or a single flower, and everyone can go home with a sweet memory to last forever.

If you want to give a dear friend a personalized gift that’s more than decorative, the Alex Paint A Ceramic Tea Set can be used for real tea! Vibrant paint and brushes are included, plus twelve pieces (teapot, cups, creamers, and saucers). This is a gift you crafters will love to create, and others will love to receive! A perfect present for a friend who’s getting married.

arts & crafts kits for grownupsOr, how about using the Creativity for Kids It’s My Life Scrapbook Kit* to start off a very special scrapbook for some newlyweds-to-be? This arts & crafts kit comes with a 24-page scrapbook designed to save and display photos – you can start it off with your favorite picture of the happy couple, and then let them finish it off with their favorite photos from the wedding (or the next happy occasion – maybe the birth of their first baby!). It’s a sweet and personalized way to preserve memories.

I am absolutely obsessed with this next pick: the Creativity for Kids Plant Peace kit! It makes a great centerpiece and a long-lasting souvenir. To customize your peace sign, you color in the inset designs with the included markers. Then, add the misting spray to the dirt that surrounds the peace sign. After a few days, little chia plants begin to appear, and before your eyes, you have a chia peace plant that literally takes under a week to sprout! You get everything you need to create it, including the seeds, potting mix, and mister to keep the plant hydrated. Once it begins to blossom, it is a custom centerpiece that is perfect for any type of grown-up party as well as something great to send home with every guest.

Our Arts & Crafts sections at Magic Beans and at are loaded with other fun crafts for creative folks of all ages, with everything from charm bracelets to pom-pom animals (and plenty of open-ended art supply kits too). Looking for another idea to entertain your friends or make them an adorable keepsake? Stop by one of our six stores and ask one of our toy experts, and they’ll make some great recommendations! Happy crafting, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


* Editor’s note: Do you have this song stuck in your head now too?

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