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Another Stokke debut: the 2016 Stokke MyCarrier Baby Carrier!

Another Stokke debut: the 2016 Stokke MyCarrier Baby Carrier!

stokke mycarrier baby carrier 2016

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2016 has been an exciting year for Stokke so far, and the fun isn’t over: on May 1, you can get the newest version of the well-loved Stokke MyCarrier!

stokke mycarrier baby carrierThe “Holy Grail of baby carriers” was already winning accolades for its thoroughly adjustable design, created to ensure that parents of varying sizes can enjoy carrying their baby in comfort; reviewers also loved the top-quality materials, ease of use, and sleek unisex look.  However, that was only the first round of the MyCarrier, and Stokke are sticklers for detail, so naturally the 2.0 version has tons of tweaks to nip this baby carrier closer to the point of perfection!

The first major change is that the 2016 Stokke MyCarrier will be offered in two distinct configurations:

Since the MyCarrier consists of three distinct components (a parent harness and two baby seats specialized for front or back), you can choose your configuration depending on whether you intend to do extended carrying or not. If you’re just going to be using your MyCarrier to tote your tot for the first nine months or so, and then are going to be done with babywearing, you don’t need the back carrier – so you can buy the MyCarrier without. Very nice!

stokke mycarrier baby carrierJill Hegstad, our Head Buyer, writes:  “Since MyCarrier originally hit the market, it was really known for having excellent back carry.  Very supportive and comfortable, with good weight distribution. However, many parents don’t actually use that feature. So what they’ve done here is made it optional. By breaking the carrier into 3 distinctive pieces, a parent can customize it more for the best fit possible.”

In addition to the new choices of how to purchase your MyCarrier, Jill writes, “They’ve maximized adjustability.  They’ve also improved the back carry so that there are 2 seat heights for the child, meaning they can see well instead of looking at the back of Mom’s head or shoulders.”

In other words: as with most of the rest of the Stokke collection, the MyCarrier grows with your child even more than gear from any other brand. You’ll always get the right fit from birth to age 3, so both you and your baby are comfortable and happy.

The new 2016 Stokke MyCarrier is now available for pre-order, and we expect orders to start shipping by May 1. Not sure if the MyCarrier is the right baby carrier for you? Come in to any Magic Beans store for a baby carrier test drive! Our experts will help you try on a variety of carriers so you can compare how they feel and select the one that makes you happy. Because we want you to look forward to strapping your baby on and showing your baby the world!

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