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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
A new look for Magic Beans Wellesley

A new look for Magic Beans Wellesley

magic beans wellesley

Sometimes, smaller is better, and that’s always been the case for Magic Beans: we’ve found that the cozier feel and ultra-curated selection of our smaller stores has won a ton of fans. So we’re trimming one of our bigger stores down to size, and we think you’ll like how it turns out!

Here are a few questions you’ll probably have about the transition at Magic Beans Wellesley, and our answers:


What’s happening at Magic Beans Wellesley, and why?
We’re making the store about 1/3 smaller – it’s going from about 4800 to about 3200 square feet. When we established this store (the second out of six), we didn’t have the formula for a Magic Beans store down just yet – now we know that our ideal store isn’t quite so large.


Are you guys closing?
Just the opposite! We’ve actually extended our lease with Linden Square, and we’re excited to be here for many years to come.


Are you going to have a smaller selection of toys and gear?
Our selection will be smaller, but it will also be more curated to only carry the best items for families in Wellesley. To put this in perspective: our smallest store is Magic Beans Boston, at the Prudential Center, and this store will still be twice the size. Don’t worry, we’ll still have all the great toys and gear you could possibly need!


What about the Playscape?
We’re sad to be losing our play area, but we are planning for new and exciting play moments throughout the newly designed store.


Will you be losing your bathroom?
No! We know how important it is for you to have easy access to a bathroom and a changing table, and that’s not going away. We’ll be losing the play area and part of the toy section, but that’s it.


Overall, this transition shouldn’t take more than a few weeks, and we only anticipate being closed for one day (September 26). We’re happy to answer any further questions you might have – email us at!

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