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A Good Gag

A Good Gag

Capture the GagWhen someone from Daily Candy contacted me last week to ask about my new favorite toy for Spring, I didn’t hesitate. We just received a shipment of one of the best things I found at Toy Fair – a new game called Capture the Gag.

Capture the Gag is a hide-and-seek game that comes with two Gags, quirky creatures that look like some sort of a Martian scorpion. The Gags are born to hide, and they integrate many helpful features. The bendy arms end in suction cups, the tail is a clip, and the belly is magnetic. So the little guys will go almost anywhere. The only stipulation is, the Gag’s second eye, a bendy little protrusion on top of his head, must be in plain sight. The game is played in teams of two, and each team chooses a room and hides their Gag. Then, there are two ways to proceed: according to the rules, the teams switch rooms and race to be the first to find the other team’s Gag. In my house, we have just as much fun playing cooperatively, and going together from room to room finding both Gags and playing “hot-and-cold” to help move things along.

I love this game because it gets kids up and moving and using their brains. With several kids, it also promotes good teamwork and social skills. The Gags are as much fun to hide as they are to find, and there’s no downtime. The game includes silicone bracelets in team colors, which my kids absolutely love to wear, even when they’re planing one-on-one (which they do frequently), and team flags, which can be used in a variety of ways to juice up the competition.

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