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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
2021 Babyzen Yoyo2 vs Silver Cross Jet ( Ratings | Reviews | Prices )

2021 Babyzen Yoyo2 vs Silver Cross Jet ( Ratings | Reviews | Prices )

 The stroller market changed when Babyzen came out with the Yoyo. It introduced an entirely new class of stroller: the stowaway stroller. Despite its dominance, some strollers have begun to catch up. One of our favorite competitors is the Silver Cross Jet, a uniquely tiny option with the legacy of its namesake behind it. Both strollers are a gorgeous marriage of engineering and aesthetic, but today we’re going to try to give you some insight into which one may be right for you or your family!

Most people are looking at these options for one of two reasons: travel, or a lightweight secondary stroller. While that covers the majority of the people looking into these, it doesn’t get to all of them. While both are made to be incredible lightweight options, only one is attempting to be more than just that. 

The Babyzen Yoyo has had the time to gestate and evolve into something larger than its original concept. While it was the first to enter the “stowaway strollers” game, it refuses to be only that. Through the years Babyzen has painstakingly upgraded their stroller into something entirely unique: a lightweight stroller that’s built to withstand continued use from newborn to toddlerhood, as well as accommodate multiple children

Babyzen designed a unique frame that offers an even distribution of shock to each of the four wheels, so that none have to do more work than the others. Then they added rubber wheels, putting even more bounce into such a light package. The one-handed fold was near perfect right out the gate, and got even smoother over time. When it first came out we loved it, but as with all new things we weren't sure of its long term durability. Watching people come back on their second and third children, still using the same Yoyo, convinced us of its strength. 

Since then, Babyzen has continued to ensure their stroller fits all lifestyles. So many people need lightweight strollers as their main strollers, whether due to serious back issues or walk up apartment buildings (or the grandparents’ stroller!), and this is one of the few that can handle constant use and still weigh under 15lbs. Not to mention its huge basket space for a stroller this size!

On top of that, they offer multiple bassinet options and were one of the first lightweight strollers to offer car seat adaptability. The bassinet options are designed to give you two ways to accommodate for a newborn. The Babyzen Yoyo Newborn pack is more focused on the whole stroller folding up in one piece with the bassinet still attached, this means you retain the size of the stroller when folded but will have to remove kiddo from the stroller when you fold it. 

The Babyzen Yoyo bassinet is a freestanding option that attaches with adapters. This allows you to treat it like a car seat and carry kiddo in it. Because it is structured it needs to be removed from the stroller when folding. This allows parents to use this as their one and only stroller (as long as their lifestyle allows!) and keep baby as safe and cozy as possible. Check out our video if you're wondering how it works!

On the other hand, Silver Cross is Royalty embodied. For a large part of their history they exclusively produced prams for the Royal family and have only recently opened up their doors to the general public. In releasing their line at a more consumer-friendly price they’ve given everyone access to craftsmanship fit for a royal. 

That said, the Silver Cross Jet is aimed at being a supplement to your main stroller. While their seat is newborn friendly, it doesn’t quite lay fully flat, and the security netting and adjustable footrest don’t make for particularly stable footing to rest a newborn on. That said, car seat adapters are available to ensure you can travel safely with a newborn. This encourages the Silver Cross Jet to function as a secondary option and not a primary. 

Silver Cross’s aesthetics are one of the biggest advantages for the Jet. The melange fabrics introduced for 2021 are incredibly stylish, matched with unique baby-safe leatherettes on the handlebars. They even offer a gorgeous all-black special edition in the Eclipse Collection. The Silver Cross Jet’s biggest strength is comfort and ease of fold, while its biggest downfall is the tiny basket space below the seat. Silver Cross has even made 62 updates this year! It offers an included belly bar and built in adjustable footrest, as well as upgraded wheels for 2021, a longer sun canopy, and peek-a-boo window. 

The Yoyo and the Jet are constructed differently. Both have incredibly easy to learn folds, but the Yoyo is the one that can boast a one-handed fold. The Jet can be covered and dragged through the airport like luggage, mimicking overhead compatible luggage.

Both offer car seat adapters for Maxi Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex infant seats. Both are roughly the same weight, include a travel bag, and can be stowed in the overhead compartment, making them very similar travel strollers. It really comes down to how often one plans on walking with the stroller, and how early you plan on using it. 

Still not sure which stroller is the right one for your family? Reach out to us anytime via email at We’re always happy to talk shop! You can also contact our Baby Gear Gurus via phone (866-600-BEAN) during business hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST), by utilizing the Product Expert Chat on our website, or by scheduling a video consultation. Finally, get all the advice you need by visiting our YouTube channel!

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