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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
10 fabulous finds from the ABC Show

10 fabulous finds from the ABC Show

There are literally thousands of new product launches that happen each year at the ABC Kids Show. Many of them are courtesy of the big brands with broad name recognition, but there are also many small companies that arrive at the show with just one or two products, hopeful that they will make a big splash. Here are my 10 favorite discoveries from the lesser-known vendors at the show.

Buggy Love
I checked this out on a tip from Leslie with Big City Moms. This beautiful set has everything a parent will ever need to keep a stroller sparkling. All the cleaning supplies are organic and 100% natural, including the wheel lubricant!

Buggy Love Stroller Cleaning Kit

In order for a new product to succeed, it needs three key ingredients: a good idea, a high-quality design, and great packaging. The Grapple has all three. It’s a small thing, but it works well and it’s fun too. Essentially, it’s an apple-shaped flexible container that you suction to the table or high chair tray. Inside there are three toy tethers that will keep the high chair toys on the table and off the floor.

Grapple Toy Holder

Tidy Table Tray
This is one of the nicest table trays I’ve ever seen. It works using a giant clipboard-style clip to attach to the table. Then, the tray insert can snap in and out for easy cleaning. There’s even a ledge that comes up to provide extra protection from spills.

Ding a Rings
These Australian imports are nothing complicated – each is just a plush rattle attached to a natural wooden ring – but it was the designs that really drew me in. They are fresh and fun and so very soft.

Emotion Stroller
I’m notoriously picky about strollers, so I was a little surprised when I put the Emotion through its paces and loved it. But this new, European stroller is a nice option for parents looking for something lightweight and maneuverable that’s also packed with nice features AND looks great.

Snooze Shade
This new import from the UK isn’t just another sun cover for strollers and car seats. The unique material is designed to keep out the sun while still circulating lots of air to make sure the baby stays cool. It’s also lightweight and portable — each Snooze Shade folds up into an included travel bag.

Belly Banter
The trend of taking monthly pictures of your baby has been around a long time (I did it with my oldest, who is 9). Back in the old days, I made a sign on a piece of paper that said “Today Audrey is 3 months old!” and then I took a picture of her next to the sign. At 3 months old it was fine. But by the time she was 7 months old, she was way more interested in eating the sign than in posing for the picture. Belly Banter solves that problem brilliantly with a series of cute, removable decals that you can adhere to a simple, white onesie.

Belly Banter Stickers

If you thought the first product from Nosefrida was gross, just you wait. The Windi is a small implement that is inserted in a baby’s rectum to help relieve gas. So you know it’s working, it will make a “toot” sound as your baby breaks wind. It’s out there, but if the Windi can really bring relief to babies suffering colic and gas, parents will be lining up to buy it.

MilkMakers Cookies
Well, why shouldn’t a cookie help nursing moms boost their milk production? They taste pretty good too. I’m not sure I can convince my somewhat skeptical crew to actually order these for our stores, but I love knowing they’re out there somewhere.

You’ve never seen a bottle warmer like this. The Yoomi is a self-warming baby bottle. There’s a beehive-shaped warmer that “charges” by either boiling in water or microwaving (their old version could not be microwaved, but the new one can). Once it is charged up, it will stay charged until it is activated by pressing a button. Once you push that button, it is 60 seconds until the bottle is warm and ready for your baby.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle

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