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Book a Baby Gear Consultation (click here) | Free Shipping $99+

Veer Switchback &Roll Stroller


Let the maverick in you roam all the terrains without missing a beat. Ergonomic and precision built, the Veer Switchback &Roll 4-wheel all-terrain stroller provides next level maneuverability, durability, and shock absorption.

The Veer Switchback &Roll Stroller is suitable for newborns with the addition of the Switchback Bassinet, Car Seat Adapter, or the Switchback Seat with Infant Soft Insert. The switchback Seat itself is suitable for 3 months and up and with a weight limit of 50lbs, the Switchback &Roll will last you a long time...And it will grow with your family.

Go from Single to Double Stroller

The Switchback &Roll converts to a double stroller with a whole myriad of configurations. Suitable for 2 infants, an infant and toddler, and 2 toddlers.

Veer is all about getting outside and having an adventure.

The Switchback &Roll stroller is built for all-terrain. Dual adjustable Shocks and Mountain Bike style integrated suspension adjusts for passenger weight and type of terrain. Dual Front Suspension Ensures comfort by absorbing the impact of uneven terrain. Large Never-Flat wheels make maneuverability on rough terrain smooth and reliable.

Dual Seat Dampeners in the Switchback Seat provide up to 10mm of deflection in either direction absorbs bumps by up to 30% and the bottom and back exoskeleton flexes to soak up the terrain.

The Switchback &Roll Stroller also has an adjustable handlebar and a large basket with zipper pockets.

Part of the Veer Switchback System

The focal point Veer Switchback system is the Switchback Seat. Not only are you strolling with the Switchback Seat, but you can also use it as a booster seat, a bike seat, a camp seat, a Veer Cruiser or Cruiser XL seat, and even a Jogging Stroller Seat.

The Switchback Seat is customizable and ready to go anywhere at any time. Out of the box, you can strap it to a chair and use it as a booster seat. If you prefer a pop of color, the Switchback Color Pack provides options. For cold or inclement weather, you'll want the Weather Shield and Footmuff to keep your kid cozy. And for your and your kid's convenience, a Snack and Drink Tray clips directly onto the seat.

The Veer Switchback &Roll Stroller includes the &Roll Stroller Frame and Switchback Seat in Single Stroller Configuration.


  • 4 seat recline positions
  • Adjustable leg support
  • Large canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Large basket with zippered pockets
  • Seat is front and back facing
  • Dual adjustable Shocks
  • Mountain Bike style integrated suspension
  • Dual Front Suspension
  • Rubber, foam-filled never-flat tires
  • Converts to double stroller for 2 infants, infant and toddler, and 2 toddlers
  • Compatible with most car seats with car seat adapter
  • Bassinet available
  • Part of the Veer Switchback System


  • Minimum Age: Birth with Infant Insert in Switchback Seat, Bassinet or Infant Car Seat with adapter (sold separately)
  • Stroller Weight:
    • Seat: 7.5 pounds
    • Frame: 20.1 pounds
    • Seat + Frame: 27.6 pounds
  • Capacity:
    • Seat Weight Capacity: 50lbs in rear, 40lbs in front
    • Basket Weight Capacity: 15lbs
  • Dimensions:
    • Seating Area Height: 19.5"
    • Seating Area Width: 11.5" at front; 12.5" at back
    • Seating Area Depth: 9"
    • Inside Canopy Clearance: 23"
    • Unfolded In Use: 40.5" x 25.5" x 38" (with handle in low position)
    • Folded with Seat: 25.5" x 35" x 16"
    • Folded without Seat: 25.5" x 33" x 11"
    • Front Wheel: 9.5"
    • Rear Wheel: 12"
    • Handlebar Height: 40 - 43.5"