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Oilo Orly Swivel Glider Recliner Nursing Chair


Please allow 12-14 weeks for production

Lead times are subject to change due to shipping estimates

Oilo Gliders require a $199 furniture shipping fee

   Make midnight soothing sessions as comfortable as possible for you and your baby! The Oilo Orly Nursery Glider gives you plenty of options to rock your little one to sleep whether they prefer to be rocked back and forth or side to side. Its plush cushions allow you to sink into the perfect spot so you can take as long as you need to get your baby down to sleep. The Oilo Orly Glider is Oilo’s largest recliner with an extra tall 42” back and a wider arm to add comfort and support.

Multiple Ways to Soothe

   The Oilo Orly Nursery Glider provides you three different ways to soothe your baby to sleep, whether you’re putting them down for a nap or getting them back to sleep after a midnight diaper change. The 360° swivel* allows you to swivel back and forth either to rock your baby to sleep or to keep everything you need within arm’s reach! 

   The chair reclines so you can sit back, put your feet up, and relax with your little one (or even take a quick nap yourself!). With the motorized recline option, you can find your perfect recline position at the push of a button even if it changes day-to-day. The silent motorized recline is soft and gentle so it won’t wake up your baby, and features a USB port so you can charge your phone during those extra long soothing sessions.

   The Oilo Orly Glider features a parallel glide that is smooth and long for a relaxing and consistent motion. This gentler motion makes it easier to lull your baby to sleep. 

Premium Craftsmanship

   Oilo Gliders are made right here in the USA by skilled Amish craftsmen from 100% USA grown wood. Once the frames are handcrafted, they are upholstered by hand with one of their 23 fabric options! Different upholstery materials from tweed to velvet to sheepskin in a variety of classy colors make it easy to match your nursery’s decor. High tech performance fabrics resist stains and are water resistant so liquid pools on the surface. This gives you time to soak up the spill before it soaks in, which is especially useful for a nursing chair. 

   The chair is made with the best materials down to the last detail. Even the base has a beautiful wood option that adds the perfect touch for anywhere in your home. For chairs without the motorized recline, the recline lever is low-profile and hidden on the inside of the arm so you never have to reach for a handle on the outside of the chair. 

*360° swivel is only available for non-motorized chairs. Chairs with motorized recline will swivel, but not the full 360° to prevent the power cord from wrapping around the base.


  • 360° Swivel*
  • Recline
  • Smooth Glide Motion
  • 42” Extra Tall Back
  • Motorized Recline Option with USB Port
  • Wood Base Option
  • 23 Fabric Options Including Sheepskin and High Performance Stain Resistant
  • Made from USA Grown Wood
  • Built by Amish Craftsmen in the USA


  • Approximate Dimensions: 36”x35”x42” WxDxH

Please allow 12-14 weeks for production

Lead times are subject to change due to shipping estimates

Oilo Gliders require a $199 furniture shipping fee

   Make midnight ... Read More

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