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Book a Baby Gear Consultation (click here) | Free Shipping $99+

Cybex e-Priam4 Stroller

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With a design heavily influenced by classic American Eames furniture the e-Priam4 is the perfect match for parents with fashionable sophistication!

What is the e-Priam4 vs the Priam4?

The Cybex e-PRIAM4 is a full size stroller designed to glide over most terrains. Both the Priam4 and e-Priam4 strollers have a strong frame and all wheel suspension for a smooth walk over cracked sidewalks, grassy playgrounds, and icy streets. But the e-Priam4 has sensor technology built into the axle and handlebar; these detect inclines and rough surfaces and then signal the electric motors to add power, making hills feel effortless. The uneven surface support works in a similar way to the uphill support. If you push the e-PRIAM across a rough surface like a sandy beach or cobblestones the handlebar sensors will detect this resistance and send a signal to the electric motors to give more support. The effect is instantaneous, making it easier to push the stroller across the uneven terrain, and gives a smoother driving experience overall.

  • 5 lbs heavier than the Priam4
  • Flip of a switch engages the e-Priam4 sensor and motor
  • Battery charging: 3.5 hours; battery is removable, IATA compliant
  • Battery life (with a toddler): approximately 12.5 miles on rugged/hilly terrain
  • Battery life (with a toddler): approximately 22 miles on smooth/even terrain

  • More e-Priam4 features

    Every modern feature a new parent could need is engineered into the Cybex e-PRIAM4. The reversible seat has an adjustable foot rest, an extra long canopy, and perfectly tailored stitching and textiles. The Cybex e-Priam4 seat is padded and cozy for infants from 6+ months and has the most specialized incline position to encourage good posture from the first day.

    The Cybex e-Priam4 stroller has the buttery smoothest steering and handling of any stroller! Its German engineered design sports a tiny footprint that responds to the slightest push. Worried about your town's cracked sidewalks or snowy conditions? No worries here! The e-Priam4 joints can twist and bend for every sudden bump, scattering the force from any sudden impact. This gives the little passenger the safest and most comfortable ride, not to mention prolongs the life of your stroller!

    Unique features of the Cybex e-PRIAM4

    The one-handed harness buckles together quickly and releases with a single pull. No finicky buttons, no excessive hand strength or coordination required!

    The Cybex e-PRIAM4 has the longest and shortest telescoping handlebar of any stroller. It reaches high enough to keep parents as tall as 6’4” comfortable; as well as short enough for a petite adult or big sibling to push occasionally.

    The one handed recline mechanism lays the seat flat at a natural nearly flat recline position from head to toe. Any little one can stretch out to their most comfortable position in the perfectly flat e-PRIAM4!

    The Walls of the e-PRIAM4’s seat curve inward securely without blocking the view. Baby will soak up the almost 180° view of the exciting world around them.

    New e-PRIAM4 features!
    • Updated design and new functionality
    • One-handed harness buckle system
    • New intuitive assembly cuts time in half
    • Height adjustable cup holder
    • Improved shoulder pad comfort
    Newborn Strolling options

    The Cybex e-PRIAM4 is a 3-in-1 transformer with options to use the frame with the included stroller seat, an infant ready Cybex e-PRIAM4 Lux Carry Cot, and as a travel system with any of the Cybex infant car seats.

    e-Priam4 Accessories and upgrades

    In love with the Cybex e-Priam4’s design? Set up your e-Priam4 with all the important and exciting accessories like the Cybex e-Priam4 Stroller Skis, Cybex e-Priam4 Lux Carry Cot, and matching Cybex Cloud Q Sensorsafe Infant Car Seat. Looks for Cybex performance and design in a smaller package for the car? Check out the new 21.6 lbs. Cybex Mios3 stroller!

    What comes with the Cybex e-PRIAM4?
    • Stroller frame
    • Stroller seat
    • Shopping basket
    • Belly Bar
    • Raincover
    • Cybex infant car seat adapters