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Cloud B Pink Twinkles To Go Octo Night Light


Octopuses are pretty weird little guys, but they can make surprisingly good pals. Octopus researcher Alexa Warburton told Orion Magazine that some of her favorites would "lift their arms out of the water like dogs jump up to greet you." They're smart and mischievous animals, and endlessly interesting to observe and learn about.

Introduce your child to the world of cephalopods with the friendliest octo of all: Twinkle the Octopus night light, from Cloud B! This round glowing octopus is similar to the well-loved Cloud B Twilight Turtle, except instead of just projecting constellations, it projects a soothing overhead ocean of stars, fish, and bubbles for kids to gaze at as they drift off to sleep. Since Twinkle Octopus is small, light, and compact, you can take him along anywhere your family goes, bringing the same comfort to any room, whether it's a hotel, Grandma's house, or even a camping tent!

Twinkle the Octopus is lit with LED lights, which save power and don't heat up his body. Press a button, and you can change the projections from red to green and back again (kids love to do this themselves). Twinkle has 45-minute auto-shutoff, so once kids doze off, they can sleep in complete darkness (recommended by pediatricians) and save battery power, too. The Cloud B Twinkle Octopus night light requires 3 AAA batteries (included); contains no phthalates, lead, latex, or BPA.