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We're celebrating our birthday! Use code BEAN16 for 7% off
We're celebrating our birthday! Use code BEAN16 for 7% off

Calico Critters Tuxedo Cat Family


Tuxedo kitties, the most formally dressed of cats, are part of a broad spectrum of bicolor, piebald, or white-spotted cats. Darker bicolors tend to fall into the "mitted" or "tuxedo" patterns; lighter bicolors fall into "face & mantle," "cap & saddle," "magpie," "harlequin," and "van." There are also really unusual bicolors like the Grade 9 (all white with a black tail) and the Mohrenkopf (white body, black head).


So technically, the members of the Calico Critters Tuxedo Cat Family are not precisely tuxedo cats: Dad Mason is all black, and Mom Natalie and daughters Lily and Rose fall into the black-eared Van pattern. They make up for it in formality, though: Dad is wearing a dapper tie, and Mom and daughters are dressed in gorgeous satin and lace dresses. So chic!


As with all Calico Critters figures, the Tuxedo Cat Family feature beautifully detailed, removable retro outfits, and have posable arms, legs, and heads. And they're compatible with a huge variety of Calico Critters dollhouses and accessories, encouraging endless imaginative scenarios for your creative child. Suggested for ages 3 and up; parents stand 3" tall, kids stand 2.25" tall.