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Book a virtual consultation with an expert! | Free Shipping $49+ | 866-600-BEAN (2326)

Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo Double Stroller Complete Mineral Collection 2021 ( 2020 )


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   Bugaboo has always focused on improving parents' lives through innovation and design. In addition to excellent performance, Bugaboo strollers deliver a stylish aesthetic and are very customizable. The Bugaboo Donkey3 is the most updated version of their revolutionary single stroller that transforms into a side-by-side double. The Donkey3 Duo is a fully capable stroller for siblings right out of the box, now in classy mineral collection colors!

Flexible for Everyday Life

   The Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo comes as a double stroller in the side-by-side configuration. Two toddler seats and one bassinet are included, so you can stroll with your big kid and new arrival and then when your littlest graduates from the bassinet you will be ready to go with the second toddler seat. If you only have one child with you, it takes just three clicks to shrink the Donkey3 back down to a Mono configuration so you don’t have to push a stroller that’s half empty.
   There will be no fighting over who gets the big kid seat or the top seat as both seats are the same size and hold the same amount of weight - up to 48 pounds per seat! Each seat can be independently reclined and be either parent-facing or world-facing so each child can be comfortable. Extendable sun canopies provide just the right amount of shade for your babies.

Smaller Than You Think

   When parents come to us for consultations, they are often intimidated by how large the Donkey3 looks. However, the Donkey3 has no trouble getting through standard doorways even in double or twin configurations.

Bring More With You

   The Bugaboo Donkey3 has ample storage for you and your little ones. The Donkey3 has a large storage basket that can hold up to 22 pounds in addition to a more accessible side luggage basket that can hold another 22 pounds when in Mono mode. The side luggage basket can be easily removed and carried with you and has an integrated cover that will protect your belongings from inclement weather. You can be sure you’ll always have all the room you need for your baby’s bottles, diaper bag, toys, and more - even with two children!

Superior Push

   Don’t let your stroller weigh you down! Bugaboo knows that pushing two kids gets heavy quickly. That’s why they designed the Donkey3 with a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame and a short wheel base. Its wheel base allows the stroller to have a tighter turn radius and makes the stroller easy to push with only one hand. 
   The wheels of the Donkey3 Duo themselves are puncture proof and filled with high quality foam that helps absorb shock from uneven strolling surfaces. The puncture proof tires are part of a responsive all-wheel suspension system that helps you easily roll over any bumps along your way without disturbing your baby.

Is the Donkey3 Newborn Compatible?

   The Donkey3 is appropriate for your newborn straight out of the box when you get it, no additional accessories required! To use your Donkey3 Duo with your infant, attach the spacious bassinet to give your baby a totally flat surface to nap on - or even sleep in overnight when used with the Bugaboo Stroller Bassinet Stand. The toddler seat can be used once your baby is 6 months old and sitting up on their own.
   You can also use your NunaCybexClek, or Maxi Cosi infant car seat to transform the Donkey3 into a convenient travel system! All you need is the Bugaboo Donkey Mono Maxi Cosi Adapter.

Features New to the Donkey3

   There are several features new to the Donkey3 in 2020. A high quality peekaboo window made of mesh in the extendable canopy allows for more ventilation and makes it easier to interact with your child while they are world-facing. Improved wheels are large and made with a more shock absorbing foam that is lighter weight than the previous wheels on the Bugaboo Donkey2. This new wheel design shaves a pound off the overall weight of the stroller. 
   Bugaboo has listened to customer feedback! The belly bars have been upgraded so they no longer need to be completely removed in order to get your little ones in and out of the stroller, they can simply be rotated out of the way with one hand for easier access to your children.
   The side luggage basket has also been given a facelift. Instead of a removable basket cover that would get lost, the cover for the Donkey3 side basket is built in. It also has a sleeker look than the previous cover and looks more like a stylish tote that can easily be removed from the stroller and taken with you.


    • Overnight Sleep Safe Bassinet Included*
    • Can Become a Single
    • Extra Storage Capacity 
    • Durable Lightweight Materials
    • Self Standing Fold
    • Reversible Reclinable Toddler Seats
    • Mesh Peek a Boo Window
    • Expandable UPF 50+ Canopies 
    • Puncture Proof Tires
    • Machine Washable Fabrics
    • Telescopic Adjustable Handlebar

    *When used with the Bugaboo Stroller Bassinet Stand

  • SPECS:

    • Suitable From Birth
    • Weight Limit: 50 Pounds Per Seat
    • Basket Capacity: 22 Pounds
    • Side Luggage Capacity: 22 Pounds
    • UPF 50+ 
    • Product Weight: 28 Pounds
    • One-Piece Fold: 35.8 x 23.6 x 36.6 Inches
    • Compact Fold: 35.8 x 23.6 x 9.4 Inches
    • Front Wheel Dimensions: 10 Inches
    • Rear Wheel Dimensions: 12 Inches