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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans



Did You Know?

More than 1,500 safety tests are performed on each Bugaboo stroller—that's 900 more than are required. With the highest quality and most durable materials, a Bugaboo is expertly designed to stand the test of time.

Single Strollers

Double Strollers


The Lightest Full-Size Stroller

Small Stroller, Big Adventures

The Stroller With Power Steering

The First Convertible Stroller

The Stroller Made For The City

All Set From Day One

From sunny days to cold winters to everything 
in between, we’ve got you covered.

Bugaboo Accessories

& Car Seat Adapters

Bugaboo Accessories & Car Seat Adapters

More about Bugaboo

There’s no stroller quite like a Bugaboo. Sure, there are other luxury hybrid strollers on the market, but Bugaboo created the category, and continues to redefine it with each new model. Whether you’re hauling a growing family with a Bugaboo Donkey2, buzzing across town with a Bugaboo Bee5, or taking a long city stroll with the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus or Bugaboo Fox, you don’t need any celebrity endorsements (although there are many) to tell you that a Bugaboo stroller is something special.

The typical Bugaboo stroller is both simple and sophisticated, combining top-notch engineering and construction with magnificent handling. From this starting point, the Bugaboo models branch out into various directions, each with its own distinct personality and purpose.

For instance, if you’re all about traveling light, then you want the Bugaboo Bee5 stroller, the 18-pound beauty that folds with the seat on, and turns on a dime. If you need some more all-terrain capability and a ton of seating configurations, then you’re going to want the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus stroller. And for serious carrying capacity, you want the Bugaboo Donkey2 stroller, which transforms from a single to a double stroller in three clicks—and back again!

These sleek, durable strollers continue to dominate the market because they do what they’re supposed to: Bugaboo strollers make your life easier, and they look goshdarned good while they’re doing it. And we’ve got tons of Bugaboo accessories to tweak your Bugaboo to perfection: get car seat adapters, foot muffs, cup holders, and more!

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What Magic Beans Customers Are Saying

– Daisy A –

Magic Beans has superb customer service! Ms. Andrea Kelly assisted me with my Nuna 2019 Tavo & Nuna Pipa purchase. She was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The transaction went smoothly and shipping was fast (I'm in California). Great experience! I highly recommend Magic Beans for all of your baby needs.

– Unknown –

Great experience shopping today. They have a great selection and if you need to go to a brick and mortar store they are very local. The free gift wrap is a nice touch too!

– Caitlin I. –

I love shopping and supporting Magic Beans and local small businesses! Their customer service is top notch and they go above and beyond to help you. Their pricing is also competitive and fair. I know I'm getting quality products from a knowledgeable retailer.