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From the newest baby to the most sophisticated and independent tween, toys that correspond correctly to developmental stages will spur every child's imagination, develop their skills, and get the biggest smiles when the wrapping paper comes off. Using this guide to ages and stages will make it easy to narrow down the type of toy you need for the ultimate birthday gift or holiday gift, and ensure that every toy is enjoyed!

This guide to shopping for toys for kids is divided into two charts:

  • Age & Gender: This chart lists the types of toys that typically appeal to boys and girls at each stage of development, plus toys that both boys and girls will love.
  • Age & Skill: This chart shows you at what age and stage skills and interests typically emerge, dividing them out into Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Language Skills, Intellectual Skills, and Social Skills.

So if you're shopping for a six-month-old boy, you might select a fill-and-spill toy that compliments his emerging ability to sit unsupported and grasp objects, and teaches him about object permanence. If you're shopping for a three-year-old girl, you might get her some Calico Critters, which encourage her emerging storytelling ability and indulge her passion for inventive fantasy play.

But that's only the beginning of what you'll find in this buying guide: download it and learn more! And if you're stumped, or if you're short on time, just ask us – we can recommend terrific birthday gifts and holiday gifts by phone, email, or live chat, or at any of our store locations!