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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Bugaboo Dragonfly Stroller and Bassinet Complete


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Introducing the ultimate newborn travel system - the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Bassinet bundle. The perfect solution for parents on the go, this stroller offers unparalleled convenience, comfort and safety for your newborn baby.

As parents, we all want the best for our little ones, especially when it comes to their safety and comfort. When it comes to strolling with your newborn, a bassinet is the ideal way to transport, especially during their early months when their neck muscles are still developing.

With the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Bassinet bundle, you can rest assured that your baby is not only comfortable but also safe and secure. The bassinet comes with a soft and breathable mattress that ensures your baby is cozy and comfortable. The bassinet's canopy also provides ample protection from the sun and other elements, ensuring your baby is always safe from harmful rays.

One of the unique features of the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Bassinet bundle is that the bassinet folds right alongside the stroller, making it easy to take on the go. You don't have to worry about finding storage space for your bassinet separately; it's all included in one convenient package.

The Bugaboo Dragonfly and Bassinet bundle offer several other features that make it stand out from other strollers. The stroller's lightweight frame and compact fold make it easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces. The stroller also features a one-handed fold, making it easy to fold and store with one hand while holding your baby in the other.

One of the things that make the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Bassinet bundle a favorite among parents is its compatibility with the Bugaboo bassinet stand. This innovative stand lets you transform your bassinet into a safe and cozy sleep environment for your baby at home or on the go. The stand's sleek and minimalist design makes it perfect for any room in the house, and its compact size means it's easy to take with you wherever you go.

The Bugaboo Dragonfly and Bassinet bundle are perfect for parents who want to ensure their newborn's safety and comfort while on the go. With its innovative design, lightweight frame, and easy-to-use features, this stroller and bassinet bundle is the perfect travel system for any parent. Whether you're out running errands, taking a walk in the park, or traveling with your baby, the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Bassinet bundle has everything you need to keep your little one comfortable and secure.