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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Introducing: New Releases from Natart Tulip Collection: Olson, Bjorn, and Tate Crib + Dresser Sets!

Every expectant parent’s search starts with the nursery, especially the crib. It’s a natural part of the nesting phase of pregnancy and adoption. The searches for nursery furniture and cribs begin usually before an ob is even found. And for all the best reasons: the nursery is your welcome to the tiny life on it’s way (finally!). All those months years) of praying, hormones, paperwork, and agencies...and it’s finally happening, for YOU. It may be too early to tell anyone or even to be finding a doctor, so how do you celebrate the good news? The nursery! This is where that nesting instinct usually strikes first. And for good reason, all expectant parents know in their gut to prepare a space to keep a new child safe, healthy, and happy. This usually means searches like best baby crib or safest baby furniture. Your Insta and Facebook will never be the same. But this is exactly why Magic Beans is picky about exactly what brands and what materials we sell to you. There’s a responsibility on our part to sell safe, toxic-free, non-off gassing furniture that also is of high quality, versatile and, yes, cute as heck. 

This is why we’re so excited that Natart is releasing THREE new series of furniture. Coming at the end of the year is the Natart Tulip Collection Olson, Bjorn, and Tate Crib + Dresser Sets. As in the name, each of these will be sold as a matching set of A convertible crib and a large 3-drawer dresser! Natart is well known for making some of the best baby cribs on the market but people often underestimate the value of a great dresser. A high quality dresser, like Natarts, won’t ever squeak or get wobbly. It has dovetailed corners, soft-close glides, and wood that won’t allow for loose screws holes. Each of the dressers can safely support a changing station such as the Natart Matty baby Changer. All of the cribs are made with actual hardwood, baby-safe finishes, and high quality laminate when needed. The assembly is simple and straightforward; many small components come putt-together for you. But our favorite feature of these collections is their longevity. These multiple stages of each crib and large size of the dresser mean you won’t have to upgrade to another set of furniture every few years. Instead these will be made of materials that last, dimensions that grow with you, and designs that stay in style. 

The Natart Tulip Collection Olson crib and Dresser set is convertible all the way from infancy to teenager. It’s signature feature is going to be a sleek, mosaic drawer front. As is common amongst other Natart cribs, this Natart Tulip Collection Olson Crib begins as a standard size crib with multiple safe-sleep height settings. Then you may take off the front panel transforming it into a daybed with the option of adding a Natart Toddler Rail. In its fourth and final stage it becomes an actual, Full-Sized/ Double Bed with purchase of the Natart Bed Rails. All together the Natart Tulip Collection Olson Crib and Dresser Set is an incredible deal for a package with so much growth and at a more comfortable price point than some comparable collections. 

The Natart Tulip Collection Bjorn and Tate Crib and Dresser sets will also come with the same high quality materials and manufacturing. But these two cribs have a traditional three-step conversion. They’ll have the Crib setting with multiple height settings and will grow into a daybed, also with the option of adding a Toddler Rail. The Natart Tulip Collection Bjorn is designed with legs lifting it gently off the ground for a “floating” appearance. And the Natart Tulip Collection Tate Crib is designed with super, sweet tapered legs that match the dresser’s handles. 

All of these new collections will be released around late November/ December, release dates are subject to change. More information will be released soon about each of the Natart Tulip Olson, BJorn, and Tate collections. Any more questions? Need help finding the nursery furniture that’s right for you? Don’t hesitate to book a virtual consultation with us here, or call us at 1-866-600-BEAN (2326)!

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