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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Yours and mime

This Sunday morning at the Coolidge, treat your whole family to an unforgettable performance by mime Robert Rivest. The show, entitled “Laughter is the Best Medicine”, is described as a “collection of Robert Rivest’s most humorous and heartwarming mime stories. It’s simply a fun way to bring the whole community together through smiles, giggles and roaring laughter.”

Mimes are funny, but not always the way they intend. A google search for “mime jokes” returned 152,000 results (discovered strictly out of curiosity). But Mr. Rivest has an impressive resume. A student of the legendary Marcel Marceau, he has presented over 5,000 performances in 11 countries all over the world. He is the founder of the Rivest School of Mime Theater in Springfield, MA.

So put aside whatever preconceived notions you have about mimes, glass boxes and falling trees. Bring your children on Sunday and enjoy this unique and entertaining experience together. The show begins at 10:30am and tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for children. Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.

I would totally see you there, but I’ll be in New York for Toy Fair.

Next time I won’t miss it.

I like mimes.

Not in that way.

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