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Your stroller is an investment! Stroller resale value, and how to get the most money back

Your stroller is an investment! Stroller resale value, and how to get the most money back


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Selling your stroller online? Take a pic like this! (From

We’ve explored the world of used baby gear before in this blog, and yes, you CAN buy a used stroller (although we’d prefer if you didn’t)! On average, you save 37% by buying a used stroller, so strategic, careful searching can really save you some money.

The other side of the equation is important as well, since a high-quality stroller can be a sizeable investment, and smart shoppers will want to recoup some of what they spent. So: which strollers will get you the most money back on the resale market?

It’s no surprise to us that when the folks at Baby Bargains researched strollers with the best resale value, Bugaboo ranked high: when you invest in a ‘boo, you’re investing in an incredible amount of careful design and craftsmanship, and that means that after three years carrying one kid, a Bugaboo stroller still has many more miles left on it. The only problem is, you might have trouble letting that beautiful stroller go: as one mom stated when Bugaboo asked on Facebook about resale value, “I won’t be parting with it… I planned to but it’s still the best thing out there and looks immaculate even after being flung around like a rag doll.” You can find more testimonials on the long life of a Bugaboo here!

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Selling your stroller online? DON’T take a picture like this!

The second-highest brand on the Baby Bargains list (and highest-ranking model) is also no surprise:  the Baby Jogger Summit, Baby Jogger City Mini, Baby Jogger City Mini GT, and Baby Jogger City Select are all great at recouping their cost. Baby Jogger strollers are sturdy, sporty, and well-designed, and they have great word-of-mouth – for instance, if you Google-search “I love my stroller,” the first post you get is this rave review of the City Select. Ask a mom: they love Baby Jogger strollers, everyone knows the name, and used Baby Jogger strollers sell well.

Brand recognition and trust probably also account for the top-ranked position of Britax as the brand with the best stroller resale value. People trust and love Britax car seats, so it’s natural that their appreciation for all things Britax rolls over nicely into used strollers (although you definitely shouldn’t buy a used car seat).

So, how do you actually go about reselling your used stroller? Well, first of all, for the best price, you’re going to want to make that stroller super spiffy, and check and see that everything is in good working order – remember, someone else’s precious baby is going to be riding in it, so make sure it’s safe to use! When you’re ready to sell, eBay and Craigslist are obvious choices (take good pictures!); you can also try sites like Trading Cradles, which are more specifically for baby gear. Good luck!

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