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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Your binky, your friend

WubbanubThis idea was hatched on a family vacation in 1998. The Schneider family was away with their 3-month old baby, and they were tired and cranky from constantly needing to wake up throughout the night to reposition the baby’s pacifier. Legend has it a desperate Mama Schneider used a hotel sewing kit to affix the pacifier to a stuffed animal in hopes that the baby would have an easier time keeping the binky securely in place. Her idea worked and the Wubbanub was born. I’d never heard of them, but many customers have asked for them, so we’ve brought them in.

Wubbanubs are Soothie brand pacifiers that have been sewn onto baby-safe bean-stuffed animals. They are very cute and actually very practical, since even very young babies can grasp the animal and guide the pacifier into place. At the other end, when it’s time to give up the binky, having a Wubbanub can soften the blow. Cut it free from the Soothie and the stuffed animal can be a socially acceptable attachment object for years to come.

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