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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Why you should shop at the Drool Baby Expo, April 7 in Boston

Why you should shop at the Drool Baby Expo, April 7 in Boston

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APRIL 7, 2016 – 3PM to 9PM


A common question that we get about the upcoming Drool Baby Expo is, “how does the shopping part work?” We talk a lot about the “deals,” and that this is the “ultimate baby gear shopping experience” but you may be wondering how does that work?

When we put on the first Drool six years ago, I was convinced that the attendees would love learning all about baby gear directly from the manufacturers themselves, and that the presence of our experts would add something extra. And at most expos, the best you’ll get is a coupon to go to a local store (or a website) to find the items. But since Drool is produced by a retailer (that would be us, Magic Beans), we have the unique ability to facilitate the shopping process right then and there.

So when you come to Drool, and you see that stroller that will suit your needs (from Bugaboo, Nuna, UPPAbaby, and many more), or a comfy glider or rocker (from Monte Design or Dutallier) and you want it, there will be a friendly Magic Beans salesperson right nearby who will be delighted to take your order, and we’ll ship it to you for free (when you spend over $75). All you have to do to shop on the spot is beckon over the nearest friendly face with a green t-shirt, and we’ll do the rest!

drool baby expo pop up shopSmaller items will also be available in our gigantic pop-up shop, which is loaded with baby gadgets and necessities, plus adorable apparel. You can buy these items right on the spot and take them home with you.

And that’s not all: in addition to the ability to do all of your comparison shopping in one night, we arrange exclusive discounts and promotions with our vendors, some of whose products NEVER GO ON SALE. Our baby expo may be your only opportunity to get the top-shelf items you’re really craving, for less. You can take those savings and buy a little something extra to treat yourself – another super-cute little outfit for your baby, or some luxurious skincare products or nursing apparel. (And of course, you can enjoy free spa treatments, mocktails, and small bites at the show!)

Finally: while most attendees have a ball doing all of their shopping at Drool Baby Expo, we know this is an overwhelming time for you, and if you’re not ready to make big choices at the show, we’ll still be here to help at our stores afterwards! You’ll find the same great products and expert help – just drop by any Magic Beans store and we’ll break it all down for you.

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