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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Why not call it the e4?

Phil & Teds SportFinally, the much anticipated new model of the popular Phil & Ted’s e3 stroller is en route. But it’s not called the e3 anymore. Now, it’s called the Sport. There are some nice new features to this model, but it still looks quite a bit like its predecessor. The handlebar is adjustable via a pushbutton racheting mechanism, and has a nice, plush foam covering. The bumper bar is a bit higher and better padded. The harness system is much improved to accommodate a wide range of different size children. But the big news is that the Double Kit offers a recline. It isn’t perfect, but it still had me jumping up and down and squealing for joy. The sides of the fabric unzip to recline slightly, but in order to lay it back, you need to disengage the fabric from the metal frame of the Doubles Kit, leaving that metal tubing exposed above the child’s head. It’s hard to tell without seeing a child in the seat, but I would guess it has the potential to cause a few bumped heads. I understand that the strength of the Doubles seat comes from that metal frame, which is why they needed to work around it, and I suppose the benefits of having both kids be comfortable enough to sleep will outweigh the downside of this quirky design.

The colors have not changed, but they have added a Blue Camouflage version. All in all, I think it’s a nice improvement over the e3, though I think the name change may be confusing at first. And speaking of confusion, in just a few months, Phil & Teds will be releasing another, higher-end version of the e3/Sport design. I’m expecting to see a production sample at the JPMA show in April, so I’ll keep you posted.

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