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Why fuzzy friends are good for your heart

Why fuzzy friends are good for your heart

jellycat-charmed-sophia-unicornAs we explored in our Winter 2013 issue of Surprises, kids are naturally predisposed to love fuzzy and feathery creatures (and scaly and creepy ones too): babies as young as six months will try to get closer to dogs and cats, given the chance. While the love isn’t always mutual, it’s amazing when it is. These priceless bonds can start very young – and you never forget your first dog or cat!

Along with the fun factor, pet ownership has numerous proven health benefits and special social benefits for kids, especially kids with special needs. But not every household can accommodate animals, whether the issue is allergies or sheer lack of space, so it’s a lucky thing that there are so many wonderful stuffed animals to choose from!

All of our plush is currently 20% off through February 15, and there are plenty of new best friends for your child to choose from – bears and bunnies, giraffes and elephants, puppies and monkeys, and, for the fantasy enthusiast, unicorns and dragons, too. With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, it’s the perfect time to share the love (and save a few bucks, too!).

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