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Why do kids love trucks so much, anyway?

Why do kids love trucks so much, anyway?

Bruder MACK Granite Dump TruckJust what is it about trucks and other construction equipment that makes little kids go crazy? Little boys, especially, delight in learning the names of every kind of digger, dozer, and excavator, and every day that the garbage truck shows up is a holiday. Advice columnist Kerry Kelly Novick speculates that the love of trucks is just an extension of a toddler’s fascination with his own body, extending to machines, but I like the poetic explanation given by one of the commenters on the article:

“It’s the mysterious mechanical marvel of the machine, a massive container of steel and rubber that defies the social barrier. Announcing its arrival with a shrill cry from the brakes and a dust-stirring blast of pressurized air, it deliberately stops smack-dab in front of the house. The bottomless burble of the exhaust and the harmonious whirring of the hydraulic pump rise as the painted robotic arms and oil-stained cylinders spring into action. The machine effortlessly snatches our cart, lifting, rocking smashing, churning. Into the belly of the beast pours a cascade of boxes, bottles and bags, and even the stuffed hedgehog our dog had destroyed. With little regard for placement, it hastily plops the cart back to the curb, retracts its gangly arm, and with another blast of air, presses on like the passing storm. What a wonderful thing to see, what a brilliant show, especially for a little person only a few years old.”

Well, really, who wouldn’t appreciate that, at any age? Indeed, many adults never grow out of their love for trucks, which is why we have businesses like the Dig This Heavy Equipment Playground in Las Vegas, founded after the owner built his own home and didn’t want to stop playing with all those awesome grownup-sized toys. “Words can’t even begin to describe what an amazing experience this was for my boyfriend and his dad,” says one reviewer, who describes their giddy joy at getting to drive construction equipment as “like kids at Christmas.”

Even the everyday trucks on the street get toddlers excited, so even though the construction in front of our Cambridge store in Huron Village makes parking a little tougher, if your child loves trucks, now is a great time to bring him over! It adds just a little more exciting to the toy-shopping experience (as though new toys weren’t exciting enough).

And speaking of new toys, this month you can enjoy great prices on the very best trucks there are: toy trucks your child can bring home! All Bruder toys are 20% off through February 15. Bruder trucks are big, tough, and have tons of moving parts that kids love – working fire hoses, working cranes, excavators that scoop and cement mixers that pour.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why trucks make your child so happy: it only matters that they do, and these toy trucks are the best. Don’t miss your chance to save!

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