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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Which Bugaboo is for you? A comparison of all of our Bugaboo strollers

Which Bugaboo is for you? A comparison of all of our Bugaboo strollers

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Update 6/8/2017: Differences Between 2017 Bugaboo Strollers

If you have never heard of Bugaboo (other than that Destiny’s Child song), it’s time you learned about one of the consultation small squaremost important brands in the stroller world! I get the question all the time, “Are Bugaboos really worth all that money?” and I say every time, YES! I remember when Eli told me about how he went and visited the Bugaboo HQ in Amsterdam – the story he told really stuck with me. He told me that at their offices in Amsterdam, and even in the manufacturing facility in China, that all the employees break for lunch together and eat as a family. They also do not want their employees working more than 8 hours a day. They treat their employees right, and in turn, their employees make products that will last you forever.

When I ask the owners of a Bugaboo stroller how they like their stroller, they usually respond, “I get stopped on the bugaboo-bee3-van-gogh-complete-510125VG01-astreet all the time, asking me what kind of stroller that is!” Bugaboo makes it so you can truly customize your stroller to your style, whether you want a aluminum or black frame, seat colors (Bee & Cameleon only), and about 8 colors of canopies, and we haven’t even started talking about special editions yet — have you seen the Van Gogh Bee?! (pictured)

Every Bugaboo stroller comes with a bassinet option. You may see more and more strollers offer bassinet options, because research shows that lying flat is best for a baby’s muscle and bone development. Car seats are cradled, so the baby is lying at an angle. This is the best position for car rides, but if you are going on a stroll around your neighborhood, it is better to use the bassinet than the car seat.

Each Bugaboo stroller also comes with a rain canopy and a 3 year warranty (2 years if you do not register your stroller)!

Bugaboo makes four strollers, for all different uses. We get the question “which one is the best one” all the time. There really is not an answer to that. If you have spoken to anyone at Magic Beans, they will all say the same thing: “What will you be using the stroller for? What is your lifestyle?”

If you are in and out of the car a lot, or your city lifestyle has you constantly going in and out of shops and restaurants, then the Bugaboo Bee Stroller is for you. This stroller is a mere 19 pounds, but it does a whole lot for its size. It comes with suspension that you can see, so you know that it will be able to handle the cobblestones of Fanueil Hall, or the streets of Savannah, Georgia! The Bee is the only Bugaboo stroller where the seat itself lays completely flat, and you can adjust the seat to accommodate a taller child. People worry that the max weight capacity is only 37.5 lbs (as it is for all Bugaboo strollers), but the average 4 year old is 40 lbs, so by that point they are usually out of the stroller.

bugaboo-cameleon-3-extendable-canopy-black-redIf you need a stroller that can really go anywhere, the Bugaboo Cameleon is for you. This stroller is made to transform, very much like a chameleon. If you want to walk around the city — no problem. The suspension is meant to handle city streets, but if you feel like you want to take it over the grass at Boston Common, just switch the handlebar around and put the bigger fixed wheels in the front to give you more traction. While the Cameleon, Buffalo, and Donkey all come with a bassinet option, when you are done using it, you do not need to store this gigantic bassinet until you are not using the stroller anymore. You use the same frame as the seat, and just take the fabric off. You now just have to store some fabric in a drawer or closet, not another big piece of furniture.

And now that Bugaboo offers a bassinet stand (which can only be used with the Cameleon, Buffalo, and Donkey) for the bassinet, you can use your bassinet for more than just strolling. You can use that as your overnight bassinet. This is 2 pieces of furniture that you will not need to store — great for small spaces! (Plus, the Bugaboo Stand also lets you use your stroller seat as a high chair, adding even more function to your seat!)

One small complaint about the Cameleon is that you have to take the seat off to fold it. I do not feel as though this is a downfall, though, because it is much easier to carry two lighter pieces than one heavy piece of gear. Also, some are worried about the basket size, but it cinches up so if you want to leave some diapers and wipes in there and fold your stroller, you can! No need to lug your giant diaper bag on a little walk around the city!

bugaboo-buffalo-extendable-canopy-black-petrol-blue-z.jpgHave you ever tried to push a stroller with small tires through the snow or dirt? It is not easy! That is why Bugaboo came out their beast of a stroller, the Bugaboo Buffalo! Do you remember the winter Boston had last winter? We tested this baby out in the worst of the worst, and it passed with flying colors. This is also one of the few strollers out there that actually says you can hang your diaper bag on the handle – it’s been tested to hold up to 13 pounds! It has little hooks built in so your bag stays on, too. Most other strollers have the fear of tipping when you let go, but not the Buffalo!

This stroller is not for everyone though – it’s really big! It weighs 27 pounds, which does not seem like a lot, but when you compare it to the relatively slender Cameleon and the Bee, it’s a lot to take on. However, you will need that dense weight when pushing through that dirt and snow.

bugaboo-donkey-extendable-canopy-duo-all-black-soft-pinkNow for the mother of all strollers: many people want to buy a stroller that will last them multiple children. If you are looking for one that will last you, whether you have twins or multiple children, the Bugaboo Donkey is for you! Personally, I prefer a side by side double because it is much easier to drive (imagine driving an 18-wheeler and taking a turn – a tandem double stroller can feel that way). This stroller has the same wheels as the Buffalo, so you can bring this baby everywhere! In the single seat configuration, the Donkey has a cool side basket, to make shopping so much easier, but it’s under-seat basket is also huge! And there are not many strollers out there that can adapt to two car seats, if you are having twins, but the Donkey can! Although, when you do have two infant car seats on there, you will not be able to fit the stroller through a standard doorway.

When I work with a customer and we finally decide on which stroller they need (or any other item that will make their life easier) it truly makes me happy. The fact that I had an impact on that person’s life, even if it is just helping them find the stroller that is not going to pull their hair out every time they fold it, or a swaddle that finally helps their baby sleep through the night.

As you can see Bugaboo makes strollers for all different occasions, whether you want to walk around the city or trudge through snow! There is not one stroller for everyone, and it is our goal to make sure you get what you need to make your life easier. Come visit us at one of our stores, book a free consultation, chat me via LiveChat, give me a call, or send me an email at! I am here to help YOU!

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