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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Which Britax ClickTight Car Seat Fits Your Family Best? 

Which Britax ClickTight Car Seat Fits Your Family Best? 

We love the Britax ClickTight car seats, which feature innovative technology that allows parents to secure the car seat safely with any seat belt in three simple steps. Made in America and put through rigorous performance safety testing, Britax car seats are some of the most durable on the market. If you’re ready to transition your child out of an infant car seat, Britax has you and your family covered. But which Britax ClickTight car seat is right for you? We break down three of the best options for your family in this blog. 

Advocate ClickTight

The Britax Advocate ClickTight is a versatile convertible car seat that easily switches from rear facing to forward facing. Safety experts recommend that a car seat stay rear facing for as long as possible, and the Britax Advocate ClickTight is cleared to be used in the rear facing position until your child is forty pounds. This car seat features a triple layer of side impact protection, which protects from the most common kind of car crashes. 

 One4Life All-In-One

The Britax One4Life can be used for up to ten years, and grows with your child. From rear facing to forward facing to a booster seat, this is a truly all-inclusive option. With two layers of side impact protection and SafeCell technology acting as a crumple zone to absorb energy from a crash, the Britax One4Life will keep your child secure from infant all the way through to big kid. The Clean Comfort fabric resists stains, odor, and wetness. It features moisture wicking and added padding in order to keep young riders as cool and comfortable as possible. This carseat also comes in SafeWash fabric, which can be machine washed and dried quickly to get your family back on the road.

A child in a One4Life All-In-One Booster Seat

 Grow With You Harness-2-Booster

The Britax Grow With You is a harness to booster seat that features two layers of side impact protection as well as SafeCell technology to keep children safe while in the car. The car seat mode is suitable for children between 25 and 55 pounds, while the booster seat mode is safest for children 40 to 120 pounds. Like the Britax One4Life, the Britax Grow With You also features Clean Comfort fabric. 

A child in a Grow With You Harness-2-Booster Seat
To learn more about which car seat is right for your growing child, simply reach out to the team at Magic Beans over the phone at 866-600-BEAN (2326) or over email at We’re happy to share our expertise with you and help you choose the perfect fit for your family. And, we offer free shipping on any order of $99 or more!
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