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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Nuna Triv Next with Pipa Lite Rx

Stroller Compatibility with Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seats: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're currently in the market for a new stroller and considering the renowned Nuna Pipa car seat, you may be wondering which strollers are compatible with it. While Nuna offers a range of strollers designed to seamlessly accommodate their car seats, you'll be pleased to know that there are other options available as well. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the compatibility of Nuna Pipa infant car seats with various strollers and provide you with the information you need to find the perfect match for your Nuna Pipa car seat.
Nuna Pipa Lite Rx Granite with Nuna Demi Grow


Do Nuna Car Seats Only Work with Nuna Strollers?

Nuna infant car seats are known for their versatility and are not limited to being used exclusively with Nuna strollers. In fact, Nuna car seats are designed to be compatible with various stroller brands, allowing you to choose the stroller that best suits your needs and preferences. This flexibility means you have a wide range of options when it comes to selecting a stroller to use with your Nuna Pipa car seat.
Nuna Mixx Next with Nuna Pipa Lite rx
Nuna Tavo Next with Pipa Rx 

Exploring the Versatile Compatibility of Nuna Car Seats and Strollers

When it comes to compatibility, Nuna ensures that their infant car seats work seamlessly with their own line of strollers. The Nuna Mixx Next, Nuna Triv Next, NUNA Demi Grow, Nuna TRVL, Nuna Pepp, and Nuna TAVo Next are all strollers specifically designed to be compatible with Nuna Pipa infant car seats. This means that if you prefer to stick with the same brand for both your car seat and stroller, Nuna provides a variety of options to choose from.
Nuna Triv Next with Nuna Pipa RX 

 Unlocking Stroller Options: Nuna Pipa Car Seat and Beyond

If you have your heart set on a non-Nuna stroller but still want to use the Nuna Pipa car seat, you can do so with the help of a car seat adapter. Nuna offers the ring adapter, which is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Nuna Pipa infant car seats and UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz strollers. This adapter allows you to attach Nuna Pipa infant car seat to these popular UPPAbaby stroller models, providing you with the convenience and compatibility you desire.
The Ring Adapter: Perfect Pairing of Nuna Pipa and UPPAbaby Strollers
The Ring adapter by Nuna is the ideal choice for those who wish to combine the Nuna Pipa car seat with UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz strollers. This adapter is specifically designed to ensure a secure and effortless connection between the Nuna Pipa infant car seats and UPPAbaby strollers. By using the ring adapter, you can enjoy the benefits of both the Nuna Pipa car seat and the renowned UPPAbaby stroller, creating a seamless and convenient travel system for you and your little one.
 Nuna Pipa Car Seat Adapter For UppaBaby Vista / Cruz Strollers Pipa / Pipa Lite / Pipa Lite LX
Enhance Flexibility with Nuna Car Seat Adapters


In addition to the ring adapter, there are other car seat adapters available in the market that allow you to use Nuna Pipa infant car seats with a variety of different stroller brands. Maxi-Cosi adapters are compatible with Nuna Pipa infant car seats and provide a wider range of stroller options for you to choose from. These adapters expand the compatibility of your Nuna Pipa car seat, enabling you to find the perfect stroller that meets your specific needs and preferences.
Bugaboo Butterfly with Nuna Pipa Rx
Valco Duo Trend with Pipa Rx


Maxi-Cosi Adapters: Unleashing Compatibility with Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seats
Many car seat manufacturers now offer similar connection points to what is featured on Maxi Cosi infant car seats. In turn, many stroller manufacturers now offer Maxi Cosi style adapters, allowing their strollers to be paired with a variety of infant car seat brands including Nuna. If the stroller brand offers Maxi Cosi style adapters for your stroller of choice- it is safe to say Nuna Pipa infant car seats are compatible. To name a few brands, Babyzen, Bugaboo, Bumbleride, Bumprider, Cybex, Peg Perego, SilverCross and Veer. all offer Maxi Cosi style adapters.
Bumbleride Indie Twin with Pipa rx
 Veer Switchback & Roll with Nuna Pipa rx
Top Strollers Compatible with the Nuna Pipa Car Seat
Now let's highlight some of the top strollers that are compatible with the Nuna Pipa car seat:
  1. UPPAbaby Vista: When paired with the ring adapter from Nuna, the UPPAbaby Vista becomes compatible with Nuna Pipa infant car seats. The UPPAbaby Vista is known for its versatility, large storage capacity, and smooth ride.

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller 2022 | 2023

  1. UPPAbaby Cruz: Similar to the UPPAbaby Vista, the UPPAbaby Cruz can be used with the Nuna Pipa car seat when combined with the ring adapter. The Cruz is a compact and lightweight stroller that is perfect for urban environments.
  1. Bugaboo Fox5 Complete: The Bugaboo Fox 5 Complete comes with Maxi Cosi style car seat adapters included. The Fox5 offers best in class quality and performance at a manageable size and weight. Bugaboo Fox5 with Nuna Pipa Rx
  1. Bugaboo Donkey5: The Bugaboo Donkey5 is a single to double side by side stroller. Bugaboo offers both single and twin Maxi Cosi style adapters, allowing you to pair either one or two Nuna Pipa infant car seats. 
  1. Bugaboo Dragonfly Complete: The Bugaboo Dragonfly is a lightweight, compact stroller and features a quick and easy one handed fold. The Bugaboo Dragonfly complete comes with Maxi Cosi style car seat adapters included.
  1. Bumbleride Indie: The Bumbleride Indie is an all terrain stroller, featuring three air filled tires. It is perfect for families with active lifestyles. The Bumbleride Indie offers a fully flat recline, allowing safe use for newborns. Bumbleride offers Maxi Cosi style adapters.
  1. Babyzen YOYO2: The Babyzen YOYO2 is a small, compact, travel size stroller. Babyzen offers Maxi Cosi style adapters that allow you to pair the YOYO2 with Nuna Pipa infant car seats. The YOYO2 provides easy transitions when moving in and out of the car, using public transportation or traveling. 
Babyzen YOYO2 with Nuna Pipa rx
  1. Bumprider Connect 3: The Bumprider Connect 3 is small and lightweight while offering a fully flat recline safe to use from birth. The Bumprider Connect 3 is the only stroller that can be paired side by side with another of its kind to create a side by side double stroller. Bumprider offers Maxi Cosi style adapters to allow pairing with one Nuna infant car seat. If two Bumprider Connect 3 strollers are paired side by side both can hold a Nuna Pipa infant car seat- creating the perfect twin travel system!
Nuna Pipa rx with Bumprider Connect 3
  1. Veer Cruiser: The Veer Cruiser is an all-terrain wagon that can be pushed like a stroller! The Veer Cruiser is perfect for farmers markets, trips to the zoo and beach days! Veer offers a Maxi Cosi style adapter for the Cruiser.
Finding the perfect stroller compatible with Nuna Pipa infant car seats doesn't necessarily mean you are limited to Nuna strollers alone. With the right adapters, such as the ring adapter from Nuna or Maxi-Cosi adapters, you can expand your options and choose from a wide range of stroller brands. Whether you prefer the seamless compatibility of Nuna strollers or the flexibility of using adapters with other brands, there is a stroller out there that will perfectly accommodate your Nuna Pipa infant car seat. Consider your needs, preferences, and the compatibility options mentioned in this guide to make an informed decision and enjoy a hassle-free travel system for you and your little one. Happy strolling!
Nuna Pipa rx with Bob Alterrain


Nuna Pipa / Pipa Rx Nuna Pipa Lite Rx

Nuna Pipa Urbn

Nuna Pipa Lite/ Lite lx / Lite R Adapter
Travel Stroller
Babyzen YOYO2 * * * * link
Bugaboo Butterfly * * * * link
Bumprider Connect 3 * * * * link
Silver Cross Jet3 * * * * link
UPPAbaby Minu V2 * * * * link
Full Size Strollers
Bugaboo Dragonfly Stroller Complete * * * * included with stroller
Bugaboo Fox5 Stroller Complete * * * * included with stroller
Bumbleride Era * * * * link
Cybex Mios * * * included with stroller
Cybex Priam * * * included with stroller
Inglesina Electa * * * * link
Silver Cross Dune * * * * link
Silver Cross Reef * * * * link
UPPAbaby Cruz V2 * * * * link
Veer Switchback & Roll * * * * link
Single to Double Covertible Strollers
Bugaboo Donkey5 * * * * link
Orbit Baby G5 * * * * link
Peg Perego Ypsi * * * * link
Peg Perego Agio Z4 * * * * link
Silver Cross Wave * * * * link
UPPAbaby Vista * * * * link
Jogging/Running Strollers
BOB Alterrain * * * * link
BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 * * * link
BOB Wayfinder * * * * link
Bumbleride Indie * * * * link
Thule Urban Glide2 * * * * link
UPPAbaby Ridge * * * * link
Double Strollers
BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie not compatible
Bumbleride Indie Twin * * * * link
Joovy TwinRoo+ Infant Carseat frame Double * * * * link
Thule Urban Glide 2 Double * * * * link
Valco Slim Twin * * * * link
Valco Snap Duo Trend * * * * link
Veer Cruiser * * * * link
Veer Cruiser XL * * * * link
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Jaymee - May 26, 2020

Hi Annaliese! Yes, the Nuna Pipa Lite is compatible with the Bugaboo Fox2!



Is the Nuna Pipa Lite Car seat compatible with the bugaboo fox 2 stroller base?

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