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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
What’s so cool about the Britax Cool Flow Collection?

What’s so cool about the Britax Cool Flow Collection?

The Britax Cool Flow Collection 2018 | Infant, Convertible, and Booster Seats!

You don’t need to live in the deep South to know that car seats get hot and sweaty. But if you do indeed live in the South, then you DEFINITELY know. Though your little ones are safely nestled in those car seats, once the temperature rises, they become a sweat trap. If that statement brings up your least favorite summer memories, then check out the Britax Cool Flow Collection after you crank the AC.

What’s so cool about it? A layer of breathable mesh rests atop Britax’s typical car seat fabric. That mesh layer creates some breathing room between the seat’s fabric and your child, allowing for air flow and breathability. Ahhh…

Britax offers a Cool Flow version of the following seats:

With the exception of the B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat (that installs with or without the base), the entire Cool Flow line features Britax’s famed ClickTight Installation. Just open the ClickTight door at the bottom of the car seat, weave your seat belt through, buckle the seat belt, then close the ClickTight door back up. And that’s it — the least daunting installation ever while remaining incredibly safe. ClickTight will save you a whole lot of time that’s otherwise spent tugging at the seatbelt and wondering if the installation is secure.

Need help picking a Cool Flow? Give us a call at (866) 600-2326 or email us at and we’ll match you with the perfect seat for you.

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Jen - December 7, 2021

Alex and Antoinette, which did you guys choose for fabric and what do you think is better?

maxine - December 7, 2021

I AlSO want to know the difference!! We live in the desert and want the coolest option but don’t know what the difference between “cool n dry” and “cool flow”

Alex - March 22, 2021

I am in the same boat as Antoinette above! Do you have a recommendation between the two? As someone who lives in the Deep South (Louisiana) we tend to get VERY hot and I want something that will help my baby stay cooler.

Antoinette Maher - February 8, 2021

which is the better cooling fabric? the cool n dry or the cool flow? i know the main difference is that the cool n dry has the bamboo charcoal and wicks away moisture and the cool flow has mesh that allows the air through. i am wondering which fabric is the best for keeping a child cool? secondly i’m wondering if the child is sweaty causing them to be hot does the cool n dry have the better fabric because it will take away the moisture and heat from it or does the cool flow because it has the more breathable material? i am right in the middle of buying a car seat hopefully tonight and am stuck on the fabric. also do you have any idea on which would hold up better over time? thank you so much for you help!!!!!

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