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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

What (not) to wear

Weather BuddyIn my children’s little universe, independence is treasured beyond almost anything else. I see the evolution in sharp focus now, with a toddler who wants to do everything “by mysewf”, and a pre-kindergartener who confidently tried to make herself an ice cream sundae last week (complete with microwaving the ice cream to soften it for scooping). Getting dressed each morning is an adventure, sometimes comical, sometimes frustrating, always interesting.

The girls want ever-more control over their wardrobe, but aside from the color coordination issues and the frequent debates about the practicality of party dresses on the playground, getting them to dress for the weather is a big challenge. So when I saw the new My Little Weather Buddy, I was delighted.

Basically, you stick this little guy (or girl – there are two versions available) to the outside of your window. Then, the Buddy’s clothing changes based on the weather, so your kids can look at it and figure out what to wear. What a great way to fuel their independence while still making sure they’re dressing appropriately for the weather. Their website has a nice interactive demonstraion.

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