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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
What a Way-ne to Celebrate!

What a Way-ne to Celebrate!

Wayne PotashWayne Potash is a local children’s musician who was kind-hearted enough to perform in our Cambridge store earlier this summer. He was a hit with the kids and the parents.

We love that Wayne not only plays the guitar, but he also plays fun instruments like the banjo and the ukulele. He likes incorporating things like scarves, puppets, parachutes into his show to get kids who might be a little shy to participate in the fun. Not to mention he’s a dad himself. He and his wife live in Easton, MA with two sons.

Wayne graduated from Berklee College of Music and started playing in local Boston bands not long after. He didn’t start off playing music for kids, though – the kids sort of came to Wayne. His first hit song was huge in the Boston club scene and somehow it won over preschoolers and their parents. He discovered that he had a gift with children and so he decided to get involved in the Boston children’s community. He started hosting the Midday Show once a month at the Boston Children’s Hospital and working for the Community Music Center of Boston.

The best part about Wayne’s music is the variety. On his CDs he collaborates with jazz aficionados, fiddlers, accordian-players, and pianists. In fact on his CD, “Don’t Forget the Donut,” he enlisted the help of jazz man Tad Hitchcock on guitar and vocals, fiddler Amy Basse, and Alizon Lissance on accordion and piano. His new CD “A Day In The Life” is inspired by The Beatles – so it’s got widespread appeal for the whole family! The CD is a mini-opera about the day in the life of a little kid with 24 songs – one for each hour! Pretty cool.

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