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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Wake up, sleepyhead!

Teach Me Time

Our kindergartener is not a natural-born early riser. But school starts at 8am, and in order to get there on time, she needs to be out the door at 7:40 latest. All year, it has been a battle to get her up at 7. We sing, we dance, we cajole, we complain, but she’s too groggy to care.

When I saw the Teach Me Time for the first time at Toy Fair, I loved it – for so many reasons. When I got my hands on one, my suspicions were confirmed. This is a brilliant product that offers so much functionality and so many clever ideas in one very cute product that will be an integral part of the daily routine for years.

For the youngest kids, the Teach Me Time starts with a phenomenal feature. The clock serves as a night light, glowing a gentle yellow. But you can set it so that at a predetermined hour, it will turn from yellow to green, signaling to your child that it is now OK to get out of bed and come and wake up mommy and daddy. Pure genius.

For my kindergartener, Teach Me Time has a great alarm clock that’s foolproof and so easy to set. From day one of testing this product, our mornings were transformed. She was excited and proud to be responsible for her own alarm. The small independent act of waking up and turning off the alarm put her into the right mindset to get herself up and at ’em.

My preschooler loves that Teach Me Time will also say the time when you push one of the “toe buttons.” Both kids enjoy the teaching mode that randomly sets a time. Kids can guess what time it’s showing, and then push a “toe button” to get the right answer. The clock has a high-contrast, backlit LCD display that can show the time in analog, digital or both. It comes with three different colored accent rings, so kids can customize the look, and it includes an AC adaptor.

Added bonus: Teach Me Time was created by a local, Boston-based company, American Innovative.

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