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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
VIDEO: The 2016 BOB Revolution FLEX vs. the Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller

VIDEO: The 2016 BOB Revolution FLEX vs. the Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller

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Whether you’re an athletic mama who can’t wait to hit the road with a jogging stroller as soon as your baby is old enough, or whether you’re a casual runner who wants to take up jogging to show your baby the world while you get into shape, it’s so crucial to find a jogger that you really love. This isn’t always an easy decision, especially since we have some really fabulous options for you – sometimes it’s tough even for our stroller experts to decide which one they like best!

The 2016 BOB Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller is the latest edition of one of our most-recommended joggers, with a tough-as-nails frame and perfect suspension, while the Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller is jogging stroller thule urban glidea newer challenger, with a slender frame, a one-handed fold, and a sleek urban look. They both have nice high
weight limits and plenty of storage, and both have a lockable swiveling front wheel, so they let you maneuver easily around the city for everyday strolling. Either stroller would be great for most jogging parents, so the right choice for you is going to depend on the little things: whether you like the recline, the harness, the brake, and other key features.

The best way to discover true “buggy love” is to visit Magic Beans or another top-notch specialty baby store and give all of your top picks a push. After all, you can read endlessly through lists of features, but there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned road test to show you which stroller feels right. But if you’re not up here in New England, or if you’re just doing some research before you drop in, this comparison video will help you get a sense of just what these strollers can do. In this clip, Marissa walks you through the features on both jogging strollers, and shows you some of the great improvements on the 2016 version of the BOB Flex, too. Enjoy!

Still have more questions about the 2016 BOB Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller and the Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller? Or are you not convinced that either of these joggers are the right ride for your baby? We’ve got more jogging strollers and a ton of knowledge to share, so ask us! Email our expert Stroller Matchmakers at, call us at 866-600-2326, or book a FREE consultation – if you’re not in our neighborhood, we can even do the consult by video chat! And if all of this is just a little too much, start with the stroller basics: our Single Stroller Buying Guide will give you an overview of what’s out there and help you evaluate what kind of baby stroller you need.

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