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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
VIDEO: The 2016 BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller!

VIDEO: The 2016 BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller!

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The BOB Revolution Flex all-terrain stroller has always been a favorite of Magic consultation small squareBeans. In fact, it’s probably the only stroller in Magic Beans history that each employee really loves (we’re an opinionated lot!). The BOB’s reputation for having the best steering and most durable materials is well deserved, and it’s maintained this positive reputation for years on end.

If you have a pre-2016 BOB already, you probably love it but are all too aware that several features aren’t quite perfect. The updates for 2016 have finally addressed a few key grievances you’ve heard about the Flex (or even the older model Revolution SE). Because even with the wonderful model year changes made to the BOB SE and Flex, none of the past BOB models compares to the 2016 BOB Flex.

The biggest and most welcomed change will include a new, fully upright seat position! No more of that permanently “sleepy” recline! Even the mechanism to recline the seat has been upgraded to an easy, one-handed lever… goodbye to that annoying pair of recline straps!

The recline issue was infamous enough that that update alone could have been a sufficient change, but they did even more than that for 2016! The handlebar will sit a couple inches taller, perfect for taller parents; the width of the canopy is more compact but doesn’t take height or head room away from your child; the canopy also sits higher, making room for taller kids; the canopy fabric no longer bunches up on top of your child’s head when it’s tucked away; the foot brake is high-heel and flip-flop friendly, and the storage space is much larger. And while it’s always been easy to pop off the BOB’s wheels, it now has an even easier 1-step button removal system!

You can see some of these new updates in this video from the ABC Kids Expo, starring our head buyer, Jill:


The first 2016 BOB Revolution FLEX strollers should be rolling in mid-to-late February – they’ll be black single strollers. The other three colors (Meadow, Canyon, and Lagoon) will be available in the Spring. New car seat adapters will be coming out which will enable your baby to face either direction (facing you, or facing the world),

Ultimately, they have created a fully updated stroller model without losing any of the features that have made the BOB Revolution Flex one of the world’s favorite baby strollers. The canopy, which was fully extendable way before Uppababy and Bugaboo were doing it, is still there; as is the water- and tear-resistant seat fabric. The unique hip-supporting 5-point harness and huge overhead space are still there, and so are the 12 and 16-inch wheels that cruise over cracked sidewalks, train tracks, cobble stones, dirt trails and snow.

Basically: if you thought the BOB was good before, now it’s very nearly perfect! BOB, you get my 2016 vote for the absolute best updates made to a stroller!

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