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VIDEO: Take soothing to a new level with the new Skip Hop Uplift Baby Bouncer!

VIDEO: Take soothing to a new level with the new Skip Hop Uplift Baby Bouncer!

skip hop baby bouncerA baby bouncer is a key piece of baby equipment in the earliest days of infancy: it’s a safe spot to lay your baby down when you need your hands free for a meal or a shower, and they come with lots of entertaining little details that will amuse your little one. Plus, a few months in, babies will learn that kicking a certain way gets their bouncer to boing around for them, and that’s loads of fun (and good for developing little muscles)! Not every baby likes them, and not every bouncer works for every baby, but if your baby likes their bouncer, it’s priceless.

However, bouncers and other baby seats that are meant to sit on the floor have one common pitfall: despite the fact that every seat comes with multiple warnings NOT to place them on an elevated surface, many parents do it at some point, to feed the baby or to keep the baby close by while they’re eating. And it really is dangerous! As you can see from this story, accidents can happen even if you’re right there, and even if you turn your back for just a second.

consultation small squareAlso, bending over to tend to a baby who’s in a bouncer can be rough on your back (and can be especially rough on
gals who are still healing from a c-section). Being able to get at the baby more easily is always a plus.

So that’s why a bouncer with an adjustable height is such a brilliant idea: the Skip Hop Uplift Bouncer lets you crank your kiddo up to the level that you’re sitting at, so you can interact and bond, or just keep an eye on your snoozing baby while you have a snack. Here’s more about the bouncer from Eli:

The Skip Hop Uplift Bouncer will be available in May 2016, and will feature removable, machine-washable premium fabrics. Expecting your kiddo before then? Check out our current selection of bouncers and rockers here. And if you’re not sure which one is right for you – ask us! Our baby gear gurus can be reached at 866-600-2326,, or on live chat at

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