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Book a consultation today! | Free Shipping $99+
VIDEO: Bugaboo vs. Bugaboo! The Buffalo vs. the Cameleon

VIDEO: Bugaboo vs. Bugaboo! The Buffalo vs. the Cameleon

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When you think of the sleek modern look of a Bugaboo, you’re probably not picturing one of these glamorous runway consultation small squaremodels of the stroller world hoofing it through backwoods trails or slogging through city slush. But along with those famous looks, Bugaboo strollers are engineered for performance, and the Bugaboo Buffalo and Bugaboo Cameleon are both designed to handle every terrain you’ll need to cover. (And all of those pretty fabrics are removable and machine-washable too, so it’s super easy to keep them looking great!)

So the question is: which of these two beautiful pieces of baby-toting equipment is right for you? Let’s hand it over to one of our expert Stroller Matchmakers, who has a lot to say about how each stroller will fit into your family.

In summary: the ‘Boo for you is going to depend on how much weight you’re prepared to handle, and how much storage you need. You can read even more on the subject right here in our blog.

Before you make your final decision, why not have a one-on-one chat with one of our Stroller Matchmakers? We can set up a personal consultation for free, and our stroller experts know what questions to ask to make sure the stroller you ultimately buy is the perfect fit. With our help, you’ll find the stroller you need – and love the stroller you buy.

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