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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
VIDEO: 2016 Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Review

VIDEO: 2016 Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Review

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When revisiting the Bugaboo Donkey Stroller, it’s useful to look back at our initial impressions. We knew to expect the best from Bugaboo, who always find a unique, next-level engineering solution for every stroller contingency, but what would their double do differently?

It turned out that the Bugaboo Donkey was the first and only single-to-double stroller to add a seat by expanding sideways – and that it delivered on every possible expectation. Back in 2010, Sheri wrote:

“As a double, it is a dream come true. Two sleek seats, side by side, that recline and orient independently, so you can place each one in either a forward-facing or a rear-facing position. The conversion requires just three bugaboo donkey duo all redclicks — the frame has three connection points to release and then the frame telescopes open, widening the space that had been occupied by the side shopping basket. The second seat clicks into place, and you’re on your way. The duo configuration also folds in one piece and stands when folded for optimal space management. It’s just 29″ wide, so it will fit easily through standard doorways and through the aisles at your favorite store.

“When I pushed the stroller, I was amazed by how good the handling was. Despite the extra width in the Duo mode, the Donkey delivers the smooth steering, suspension and responsiveness parents have come to expect from a Bugaboo stroller…

“In my opinion, Bugaboo did an incredible job with this stroller. It offers an unprecedented range of functionality and a beautiful design. The expandable frame is pure genius and it gives families the ability to use the stroller both before and after they need it for two kids.”

Five years later, you’ll see much the same Bugaboo Donkey trotting down your block: it now has an extendable sun canopy, added to all Bugaboo models last year, and the Comfort Harness and height-adjustable handlebar have been tweaked. Aside from that, it remains the ultimate double stroller for a city family that uses their stroller as their “car,” hauling one or two kids, a loaded diaper bag, and ample groceries and other shopping with the greatest of ease, and looking absolutely glamorous while it’s at it.

Want to see the Donkey in action? In this video review, Meghan from Magic Beans Cambridge walks it through its paces:


No doubt before you buy, you’ll want to give the Bugaboo Donkey Stroller a tryout in person! Come by any Magic Beans store and see how it feels to stand behind one of the world’s finest strollers, and our experts will help you evaluate how well this terrific double stroller (or a different model) will fit into your lifestyle. You’re going to use your stroller every day while your children are small, so let’s find you a stroller that you really love!


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