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Valco strollers on sale

Valco strollers on sale

Pink RunaboutValco is usually one of the last stroller manufacturers to receive their next model year inventory, so when all the other sales have come and gone, Valco is just getting started. The 2006 Runabout models aren’t expected until the end of April or later, so we’ve been able to negotiate some nice deals with our good friends at Valco, including some rare colors and accessory bundles.

We’ve got the popular Fire Red color in both single and twin models. The single version comes fully loaded with a diaper bag, a footmuff and even a bell (not sure what it’s for, but it has excellent entertainment value). Same goes for the cute Ice Pink edition. We have some other fully loaded package deals for singles, so take a look. Twin Runabouts are on sale at a great price, but the estimated arrival date for 2006 models is still up in the air, so it’s possible we’ll have even better deals later this spring.

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