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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Valco’s Buggster – Off the beaten path (sort of)

Valco’s Buggster – Off the beaten path (sort of)

BuggsterMagic Beans is one of a few stores across the country to be debuting the new Buggster stroller from Valco. This is a very unique stroller concept, and Valco decided to try a limited introduction in order to test the market prior to a full launch. We recently received our first shipment of this stroller and tonight, we were fortunate to host Shalom New, the head of Valco USA, who spent some time showing our staff the ins and outs of the Buggster. We also got a sneak preview of the 2006 Twin Runabout Trimode stroller, which looks really sharp.

The Buggster is a compact three-wheeled stroller that weighs a scant 16 lbs. The fold is reminiscent of a Maclaren, but with some quirks. The wheels are small, and not pneumatic, so the Buggster is not designed for off-roading or rough terrain. The seat is very roomy and comfortable, and it features the excellent, new strap-based recline Valco is using on all its 2006 models. The seat fabric zips off for very easy cleaning. The front wheel can lock into place or swivel, and the basket is fairly substantial for a smaller stroller. It includes a removable napper bar, a rain cover and an all-weather boot. A bassinet accessory is also available, and they plan to have a car seat adaptor ready within the next few months.

Due to a change in safety standards, the first Buggster models are sporting a very snug harness that will not readily accommodate older children. Valco is manufacturing extender straps that will address this problem while remaining in compliance with the new rules.

Please note that during this limited introduction period, the Buggster is not available for sale online. If you are interested in ordering one, please call the store at (617) 264-BEAN.

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