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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Uppababy Vista vs. Cybex Priam (ratings/reviews/prices)

Uppababy Vista vs. Cybex Priam (ratings/reviews/prices)


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Update 6/5/2017: UPPAbaby Vista 2017 vs Cybex Priam 2017

UPPAbaby and Cybex are premium baby brands that have a lot of things in common, including a commitment to safety, car seats that new parents are willing to wait for. But above all, they share the same mission: designing baby gear that is functional while still looking good.

Cybex is a German company, and they merged with Goodbaby International in 2012. Their Cybex Aton Q infant consultation small squarecar seat not only sets the gold standard for safety, but it’s functionally gorgeous. Cybex designs keep the new urban parent in mind, with bold colors and sleek lines. There are tons of snapshots of celebrities – actresses like Keira Knightley, Liv Tyler, and Coco Rocha – pushing around their first full primary stroller, the Cybex Priam.

The Priam is not just one stroller: there are dozens of different combinations of seats, wheels, and colors to pick. Wheels come in three different sizes: City, Trekking, or All Terrain. The City wheels are quite small, perfect for easily folding up into your trunk, while the All-Terrain wheels will be able to tackle cobblestones, grass, and even a little bit of dirt. The Trekking wheels split the difference, giving you a little oomph for rougher terrain without adding a ton of weight.

Buying-Guide-button-Single-Stroller-vert[1]There are also two kinds of seats to choose from: the Lux Seat or the 2-in-1 Light Seat. The 2-in-1 is lighter to carry and functions a lot like a Bugaboo stroller seat: it transforms from a carrycot into a toddler seat.

For the full effect of Cybex’s color coordination though, check out the Lux seat. It can recline flat enough for your newborn, eliminating the need for a bassinet, which is so helpful for urban parents who would prefer to not clutter their closets with a piece you can only use for six months. The seat insert is plush, and if you haven’t looked at the fabric, you should absolutely check it out. That tweed/denim look is on point.

The one-handed fold of the Priam is basically perfection – it won’t stand up on its own, but it will lie completely flat to fit in your trunk. It has a fun cargo basket too, with little magnetic snaps. The bottom line is, this is a gorgeously designed stroller that wanted to be sleek and urban, while breaking the barrier in terms of functionality and ease of use. (Also, can we talk about the skis as accessories? Because, those exist. That and a matching footmuff, take me now.)

In comparison to Cybex, UPPAbaby doesn’t need much of an introduction, especially for us New England folk (UPPAbaby HQ is in Hingham, Massachusetts). Everyone’s sister-in-law / neighbor / yoga instructor has an UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. And for good reason: with the Vista, UPPAbaby created a workhorse able to push two kids (three with the glider board) and a massive amount of cargo, while still looking sleek and elegant. There’s also the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller, which has most of the same functions as the Vista but is a touch lighter, and folds a little smaller. Lots of my customers go with the Cruz as a light, on-the-go, throw-your-Mesa– in-and-you’re-done stroller.

Unlike with Cybex, there isn’t going to be any kind of crazy personalization in terms of seats or wheels with an UPPAbaby. The wheels on the Vista are substantial enough for a little bump, even a little bit of cobblestone, but this is definitely going to be tough to offroad. The seats have a great canopy with the iconic silver panel for UV protection on sunny days. The bassinet that comes with the Vista is overnight rated, and can be used with the UPPAbaby bassinet stand. The Cruz’s wheels are somewhat smaller, better for throwing into the trunk, but the seat is the same as the Vista.

Both the Vista and the Cruz have a two-hand fold; however, if you extend the handlebar all the way out first, you can stand the stroller up on its own on two little rubber nubbins that won’t scratch the foam handlebar. This is really great for customers who want to store their stroller in a walk-up or a front porch.

The biggest difference between the Vista and the Priam is: the Vista converts to a double stroller with the addition of a Rumble Seat, and the Priam does not (although both strollers do allow you to add a rider board, sold separately). The Vista also has more cargo space than the Cybex Priam, as does the Cruz, though not as much as the Vista. All three strollers convert easily into a travel system as well, with both companies having their own brand-specific car seat that can click in with no adapter – in the case of UPPAbaby, it’s the excellent UPPAbaby Mesa.

Overall, these are both great companies that have a similar mission, but that do things just a bit differently. Which one is right for you? Come give both strollers a test-drive at any Magic Beans store, and find out!


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