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UPPAbaby Vista 2019 vs Bugaboo Donkey2 | Stroller Comparison ( Ratings | Review )

UPPAbaby Vista 2019 vs Bugaboo Donkey2 | Stroller Comparison ( Ratings | Review )

Kiss double trouble goodbye with the UPPAbaby Vista 2019 and the Bugaboo Donkey2! These single-to-double strollers offer the versatility and adaptability that you need in a stroller, all while maintaining a flawless stroll and stylish aesthetic. While these two strollers are undeniably different, the UPPAbaby Vista 2019 and the Bugaboo Donkey2 are both exceptionally high-quality and totally ready to take on the task of being your go-to single-to-double stroller.


Let’s take a closer look at the UPPAbaby Vista 2019 and the Bugaboo Donkey2. Both of these strollers are single-to-double strollers, which means they can operate as a single-seater or expand to accomodate two children. This adaptability is complemented by the fact that both the Vista 2019 and the Donkey2 come with a bassinet or bassinet fabric, respectively. This allows for families to use these strollers safely from the moment their babies are born. Another great feature that the Vista 2019 and the Donkey2 share is their ability to accomodate seats in both the front-facing and the rear-facing orientation, giving your child the option to face you or face the world while strolling. 


UPPAbaby Vista 2019 stroller and bassinet against a white background

It is at this point, though, that the UPPAbaby Vista 2019 and the Bugaboo Donkey2 begin to deviate from one another in terms of strolling features.

The UPPAbaby Vista 2019 is the wider of the two strollers, clocking in at 25 inches wide from wheelbase to wheelbase. The seat of the Vista 2019 is 12 inches wide, and can hold up to fifty pounds. Despite its roomy size, the Vista 2019 is surprisingly easy to mange; its easy fold and adjustable handlebar make the Vista 2019 incredibly user-friendly. Plus, the design of the Vista 2019 makes it easy to transition from its single-seater orientation to its double-seater orientation. All you have to do is add upper adapters to the stroller’s frame! With the addition of the upper adapters, the original stroller seat can be boosted into the upper position, while the Vista 2019’s rumble seat can be installed below, stack-style, in the lower adapters.


Bugaboo Donkey2 stroller against a white background

The Bugaboo Donkey2, in contrast to the UPPAbaby Vista 2019, is a bit more narrow when in its single-seater orientation. Thanks to the Donkey2’s 24 inch width from wheelbase to wheelbase, as well as its 12 inch seat, those who stroll with the Bugaboo Donkey2 have an easy time maneuvering the stroller. Once the Donkey2 transitions into its double-seater configuration, however, the width of the stroller doubles. Why? Because the Bugaboo Donkey2 features a unique side-by-side seating situation. Rather than stacking the seats, as the UPPAbaby Vista 2019 does, the Donkey2 secures your kiddos side-by-side in seats that can hold up to 50 pounds each. Want to use your Bugaboo Donkey2 with your infant? Just install the included bassinet fabric to adapt the Donkey2 for safe newborn strolling. 


magic beans boston front view

When it’s all said and done, both the UPPAbaby Vista 2019 and the Bugaboo Donkey2 are exceptional strollers. They get the job done, and they do it well! What matters now is what stroller is the best for your family. Still have a few questions? We can help! You can contact our Baby Gear Gurus via phone (866-600-BEAN) during business hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST) or by utilizing the Product Expert Chat on our website. You can also get all the advice you need by visiting our blog and YouTube channel! Want to check out some other single-seater or double-seater strollers? Be sure to take a look at our Single and Double Stroller Buying Guides.

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