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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
UPPAbaby Mesa Max

UPPAbaby MESA Max | Car Seat Review | Magic Beans Reviews

UPPAbaby MESA Max Magic Beans YouTube Review


UPPAbaby MESA Max: In-Depth Review & Analysis



The Popularity of the MESA Max Infant Car Seat Among Families: What Makes It a Top Choice?

UPPAbaby is known for creating easy to use products for parents. Their UPPAbaby Vista and UPPAbaby Cruz strollers are some of the most popular full size strollers in the US. There is a reason you will start to notice UPPAbaby gear EVERYWHERE as you dive into the world of baby gear research. Just take a look around as you go outside in your day-to-day life and you’ll see UPPAbaby all around you! 

UPPAbaby Stroller + Car Seat Travel Systems

UPPAbaby strollers can be paired with a variety of infant car seats by using car seat adapters. This gives parents many infant car seat options when creating their preferred stroller/car seat travel system. 

The most organic infant car seat option for UPPAbaby strollers is an UPPAbaby infant car seat, the Mesa, MESA V2, and MESA Max- most parents prefer a cohesive look and like to stay brand loyal. UPPAbaby infant car seat are also directly compatible with the UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Vista stroller frames- no need to purchase extra adapters and have too many moving parts to keep track up. 

UPPAbaby MESA Max: The Upgraded UPPAbaby Travel System

However, the original MESA and even MESA V2 left a lot to be desired as far as safety features go. Because of this, many parents opted for the less convenient option of an off-brand car seat that demands a car seat adapter.

The MESA Max, however, has changed the UPPAbaby travel system game. The MESA Max now offers all of the desired safety features that parents looked to other brands like Nuna for. 

UPPAbaby MESA Max 

UPPAbaby MESA Max: Does it Include a Base?

Yes, the UPPAbaby MESA Max infant car seat comes complete with a detachable base, making it convenient for parents on the go. The base is effortlessly installed in your vehicle, allowing for easy attachment and detachment of the carrier as needed when you reach your destination. Furthermore, the carrier seamlessly connects to compatible UPPAbaby strollers such as the Vista or Cruz models. If you're a two-car family or have multiple caregivers transporting your baby, you also have the option to purchase additional car seat bases.

How to clean the MESA Max car seat

The MESA Max seat pad, infant insert, buckle pad and shoulder pads can be machine washed on the gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. We recommend spot cleaning the canopy and plastic parts. The harness webbing should be cleaned with warm water and Dawn soap.

UPPAbaby MESA Max 

Are All MESA Max Fashions Free of Flame Retardants?

Yes, ALL fashions (both fabrics and foams) on the MESA Max are free of fire-retardant chemicals. 

The MESA Max is made with both fabric and foam that is free from all fire-retardant chemicals for all fashions, including the large UPF 25+ hideaway canopy. It is also GREENGUARD® Gold Certified to support healthier air quality and low chemical emissions.

Dual Knit Fabric: Both the foam and dual knit fabric are fire retardant free to keep baby safe inside and out. These fabrics are specially woven and designed to eliminate the need for any additional treatment. Includes fashions for MESA Max.

Merino wool fabric is hypoallergenic, temperature regulated, and made of materials that are naturally fire retardant free to keep baby safe in the purest form. The merino wool is woven naturally to eliminate the need for any additional treatment. Includes fashions for MESA V2, MESA Max, and Knox.



The Gregory and Greyson fashions feature Merino wool which is naturally fire retardant, and the DualKnit fabric in Jake, Noa and Anthony fashions are not treated with any fire-retardant chemicals. All fashions comply with the federal car safety flammability standards (FMVSS 302)

How long can you use the UPPAbaby MESA Max?

  • Approximately 0–1 years

  • Suitable from 4–35 lbs, or up to 32″ in height, whichever comes first

  • Included infant insert suitable from 4–11 lbs


Is the UPPAbaby MESA Max easy to install?

 Yes! The MESA Max can be installed in a matter of seconds! UPPAbaby has made installation quick and simple by combining their SmartSecure® system, auto-retracting LATCH design, bubble level indicators, and red to green visual indicators. The base is also designed with a four-position adjustable foot for easy leveling during installation.

UPPAbaby MESA Max Base


The MESA Max can also be easily installed without the base by using the European Routing system. Perfect for public transit, taxis, Ubers and flying.

MESA Max infant car seat: Dimensions and Weight Specifications

  • Car Seat dimensions: 17″W x 25.8″L x 23″H
  • Car Seat on base dimensions: 17″W x 28″L x 25″H
  • Car Seat base-only dimensions: 14.5″W x 21.3″L x 10.3″H
  • True weight:
    • Car Seat 9.9 lbs
    • Base 12.6 lbs


Comprehensive UPPAbaby MESA Max Review: Comparing Features with the MESA V2 Infant Car Seat?

There are many improvements to the MESA Max that are not included on the MESA V2.

The base of the MESA Max features two layers of anti rebound protection: stability leg and anti-rebound panel. The car seat offers side ventilation for airflow.



In-Depth UPPAbaby MESA Max Review: How Does It Compare to the Nuna Pipa Lite RX & the Clek Liing infant car seats?

The Nuna Pipa Lite Rx offers a rigid latch installation while the UPPAbaby MESA Max offers a ratcheting latch system. The Pipa Lite Rx is 3 lbs lighter than the Mesa Max

The Clek Liing offers a rigid latch installation while the MESA Max offers a ratcheting latch system. Clek also offers fabrics that are stain, odor and moisture resistant. The Liing is about 1 lbs lighter in weight.


Stroller Compatibility for the UPPAbaby MESA Max infant car seat

Great news! If you’re looking for a stroller that is compatible with the MESA Max, you have many options. UPPAbaby strollers are the most obvious choice. 
The UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Vista allow direct compatibility with all UPPAbaby MESA models.

UPPAbaby Vista with MESA Max

The UPPAbaby Minu and UPPAbaby Ridge require adapters that are sold separately. 

UPPAbaby Minu - UPPAbaby Bassinet + MESA adapters for Minu

UPPAbaby Ridge -  UPPAbaby bassinet + MESA adapters for UPPAbaby Ridge

If you are interested in exploring alternative brand pairings, here is a list of some of our favorite MESA Max compatible strollers along with the adapters you will need.


Valco Duo Trend Stroller - can hold one UPPAbaby MESA Max with the Duo Trend Universal Infant Car Seat Adapter

Thule Urban Glide 2 Single and Thule Urban Glide 2 Double both use the same Thule Urban Glide 2 Universal Infant Car Seat adapter

BOB Single Jogging Strollers - BOB Single Jogging Strollers Universal Adapter

Veer Cruiser - Veer Cruiser Infant Car Seat Adapter for UPPAbaby Mesa

Veer Switchback & Roll and & Jog strollers are also compatible with UPPAbaby MESA car seat adapters


Any questions? Comment below or reach out to our experts! We'll match you with the perfect baby gear for your family. Give us a ring at 617-383-8259, email us at, submit your questions to, or book a virtual consultation at

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