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Uppa Baby goes 3-in-one

Uppa Baby goes 3-in-one

Uppa Vista 2009We had a chance to preview the new Uppa Vista model here at ABC, and there are some very exciting developments. For the stroller itself, Uppa has made some nice improvements. The harness features a new easy-adjust design, the basket has a softer spring to make access easier, and the weight capacity for the stroller seat has been upgraded to 50 lbs. The sun canopy has a new extension that pops out for increased protection, the mechanism is smoother and quieter, and the peek-a-boo window is bigger. The sun and weather shield now zip onto the canopy. The bassinets will be outfitted with a dye-free organic soy & cotton lining. But the big news is their new toddler seat attachment.

Phil & Teds has been dominating the “In-Line” double stroller category (so much so that they own the trademark for the term “In-Line”), but it’s no secret that they’ve had their share of problems recently. The Vista will be a welcome new addition for parents looking to extend the life of a single stroller.

The Vista toddler seat functions differently from the Phil & Teds model, since it snaps onto the front of the frame in a rear-facing position. In order to use it, the stroller seat must also be in the rear-facing position. The slight downside is that both kids are riding facing the parent, but the huge upside is that parents can use the car seat adaptor and the toddler seat at the same time. Best of all, you can use the stroller seat (or car seat), toddler seat AND a wheeled board all together (3 kids!!). Paging Brangelina….

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