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Uglydolls on the loose.

Uglydolls on the loose.

Uglydoll OxDay two at Toy Fair proved eventful, as I learned firsthand why children are wise to be frightened of jumbo costumed characters. Giant Uglydolls have become a fixture at Toy Fair, but they are getting mischievous. Today, I found myself the target of their antics on two separate occasions. And why not? If I were trapped all day inside a large and very well cushioned costume, I’d find it hard to maintain the traditional boundaries of personal space too. I believe it was Icebat who pinned me up against the wall of a booth as I was walking innocently down an aisle, then hours later chased me down as I returned from lunch. But I think I was pretty lucky. They’re even bolder as a group – I watched a pack of three surround an unsuspecting person and bounce her around like a pinball before heading off on their merry way. Remind me again why they don’t let kids into the exhibition halls?

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