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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Triple whammy

Triple whammy

First of all, I am so flattered by the lovely comments on the birthday post. You really made me feel great. Thank you.

But the party’s over and I have three new product “issues” to share with you.

Marathon CowmooflageFirst, Britax is recalling a limited number of Marathon car seats manufactured between May 23, 2006 and July 28, 2006. Apparently, the top tether can fail and detach if it is used with a child over 50 lbs in a vehicle that permits the use of a top tether with a child of that size. No injuries have been reported as a result of this. Britax will automatically be sending all registered customers a replacement top tether strap. For more information on determining whether your seat is included, or to order a repair kit online, please go to or call Britax at 800-683-2045. Shoot. I need to go check my seat, too.

Baby RailSecond, Stokke has notified us that a limited number of Baby Rail accessories for the Tripp Trapp chair have a quality problem that can lead to cracking. From what I understand, this is not a true recall at this point. Customers are encouraged to contact Stokke directly at 877-978-6553 and they will arrange for return shipping of the faulty model and will, of course, replace it with a new one free of charge. You can determine if your Baby Rail is affected by checking the left side (facing the front of the rail) where there is some small print and symbols embossed in the plastic. Defective models will have the letters “ABS” beneath a “recycled” logo (the three arrows in a triangle).

Bumbo SeatThird, there’s been an unusual sort of recall of the hugely popular Bumbo Seat. Basically, the CPSC is asking that the warning label on the Bumbo be modified to warn parents specifically against using the seat on an elevated surface. So there will be no adjustment to the product itself, just better training for the parents and caregivers who are using it. The new warning label will read:

WARNING – Prevent Falls;
Never use on any elevated surface.
Never use on a raised surface.
Never use as a car seat or bath seat.
Designed for floor level use only.
Never leave your baby unattended
as the seat is not designed to be
totally restrictive and may not
prevent release of your baby in the
event of vigorous movement.

The Bumbo seat is one of my favorite products in the store, and frequently something I give to friends and family as a baby gift. I used one with my younger daughter. I think it is a wonderfully designed seat that puts very young babies right into the middle of the action at an age where they’re usually lying flat on their backs and staring up at the ceiling. I can understand the temptation to put the seat up on a countertop or table, but it’s a very risky thing to do. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater on this one though. This recall is a question of fine print. The seat is not inherently dangerous, but rather leaving an infant unsecured and unattended on an elevated surface is.

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