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Treat Cupcake Bar – I’ll take that one, with vanilla icing and cookies on top

Treat Cupcake Bar – I’ll take that one, with vanilla icing and cookies on top

treat1We’re big cupcake fans here at Magic Beans. But then who isn’t? Earlier this month Treat Cupcake Bar opened in Needham, right down the road from our Wellesley location. We welcomed them with open arms. On our birthday they made beautiful cupcake creations that were almost too pretty to eat – almost.
David LaLiberte, the owner of Treat, lives in Needham. He noticed the town was filling up with banks, bagel shops and coffee shops and there weren’t many fun places for him to take his kids. So he scouted out an amazing baker, Adie Sprague, and together they came up with a fresh concept for a boutique-style bakery.

The genius of the Treat concept is their Make-Your-Own Cupcake Bar. Think about how much your kids (and you) love ice cream sundae bars. There’s something so empowering about having all those toppings – the candy and nuts and whipped cream and chocolate syrup – at your fingertips, just waiting to be placed atop your ice cream in the proportion you and only you can exact. Now – replace ice cream with a freshly baked cupcake (your choice of flavors) and add the toppings – frosting, candy and cookies. If it sounds like fun, that’s because it is.

Treat offers a menu of everyday favorites including Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Overload, Funky chunky Oreo, Neeham Creampie, and more. They also have a range of specialty seasonal cupcake flavors including Almond Joy, Creamsicle, Mint-o-Green, Caramel Swirl and Pumpkin Pie.

If you have some sort of allergy, Treat even has you covered with gluten-free and vegan flavors. Their private party room will host the most delicious kids’ birthday parties in town, and their decorating classes will be a great way to learn along with your kids.

In short, we wish there were a Treat Cupcake Bar in Coolidge Corner (though our waistlines are thankful they’re in Needham). For more information visit!

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